Cuttlebug owners do you need the metal adapter plate for the large Cheery Lynn dies?

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Posted 5/9/2013 by Deb W in General Scrappin'

Deb W

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Posted: 5/9/2013 10:42:51 AM
I just ordered the Cheery Lynn Large Stackers Nesting dies Large classic and I'm wondering if I need the metal adapter plate to make this die work in my cuttlebug. My plan was to make shaped cards with this die so I will most likely be running two sheets of card stock through the bug at the same time.
I know they suggest the adapter plate for the detailed Cheery Lynn dies but wasn't sure if it was needed or not for the large dies.


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Posted: 5/11/2013 12:04:53 AM
I would love know also.
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Deb W

PeaNut 18,418
July 2001
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Loc: Drowning in the sea of love where everyone would love to drown

Posted: 5/11/2013 1:41:08 AM
I guess I'll answer my own question and I will let you know as I just got the metal plate. Have to wait till after the weekend to try it out though.


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Posted: 5/11/2013 8:43:56 AM
Yes, you have to, and even with the metal plate, sometimes, it doesn't cut throughout, so i sometimes use a piece of cardstock as a shim as well!

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Posted: 5/11/2013 9:36:59 AM
I'm not sure if you NEED the plate, but it sure makes cutting those intricate dies easier to cut. I watched a demo at the scrapbook expo. The lady cut an intricate die with and without the plate and what a difference. I was sold. I use it for all my wafer thin dies and I haven't had to use any other kind of shim.
Definitely a good investment.


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Posted: 5/11/2013 11:53:26 AM
I'm such a fan of the Cheery Lynn dies - I have had mixed success without the metal plate but it looks like i'll have to buy that in my next order...

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Posted: 5/12/2013 3:17:43 PM
I know I might need it when I bite the bullet and get some of the intricate doily dies but I don't have a problem in my Big Shot with my regular Cheery Lynn Designs dies. They cut wonderful when I just cut them the same way I do my QK compatible dies.

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Posted: 5/13/2013 7:19:24 PM
The intricate doily dies I've tried have not cut well with my Cuttlebug. I am very disappointed in them. Are you telling me I need some kind of metal plate?

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