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Posted 7/4/2013 by treyaut in General Scrappin'
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August 2011
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Posted: 7/4/2013 2:17:17 PM
I am using PL on older photos, I am still in 2011. I like being able to embellish and use my Cameo for titles and things. I don't do it on a regular basis, and still scrap the traditional way as well. It is just helping me to get my photos out of the box they were In and getting them on a page with the journaling and my embellishments. I only have about 20 pages done, but so far I like it. I am my DH's caregiver (he has Lou Gehrig's disease), and now as he needs more and more care, I have less time to work on traditional scrapbooking, picking out background papers and assembling all of the layers when I cut something on my Cameo, at least with PL, I am still able to get some scrapping done. I can go to my DH and not have so many things out. I also enjoy using my rubber stamps on PL.

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Posted: 7/4/2013 4:02:11 PM
Sherry C took the words right out of my mouth.

Honestly, I do think I would fall behind and it would bother me and make me sweat it and I don't want to sweat my scrapping. Scrapping is my escape from reality, not a stress inducer.


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Posted: 7/4/2013 4:21:28 PM
I'm just happy that there's so much out there for everyone interested in documenting life or making pretty things with paper.

You want to make a page about a life lesson... do it!
You want to scrapbook the everyday... rock on!
You want to scrapbook 6x8 layouts and use a "handbook"... giver.
You want to document photos as well as memorabilia (in pocket pages)... go for it!
Forget photos, make cards... bring it!

Project Life is merely just ONE way to enjoy this hobby! It won't be for everyone... for sure. I've made it work for me and that's fab... FOR ME. Not everyone's cup of tea.

And goodness... if everyone did Project Life and nothing else it'd be pretty boring!!



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Posted: 7/4/2013 6:02:33 PM
Nope, me either. I don't want to get involved in a project where I "have" to scrap. I do like using the cards and cut apart sheets in my scrapbook pages though.

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Posted: 7/4/2013 6:17:10 PM
I haven't! I like designing my pages and making them lumpy too much.

But I love PL cards to add to my normal pages for journaling

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November 2010
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Posted: 7/4/2013 8:01:24 PM
Me either. It sounds like too much work.

from New York
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Posted: 7/4/2013 10:08:30 PM
I couldn't keep up with a December Daily, so I know for sure I couldn't do a PL album. I like the look and admire the dedication, but it's just not for me.

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Posted: 7/4/2013 11:08:58 PM

I do use the cards on regular scrapbook pages

Me too. I would be too stressed trying to fit in both horizontal and vertical photos in those pockets, I am sticking with my regular 12x12 pages and using some of the PL cards for titles and embellishments.

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Posted: 7/4/2013 11:36:29 PM
I think its nice there are many forms of this hobby that fit so many different people. This is an artistic hobby, there is not right or wrong way to do it. (Well, unless it makes you unhappy that sort of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?) Do I do Project Life? No. Would I? Probably not, especially not in it the traditional form. I don't do well with tight structures; I prefer things to be more loosely arranged. I know plenty of people, however, who thrive with more structured set ups like PL, and I think it is great that it is there for those people. i have never even used a divided pocket page...gasp! I am considering trying a couple for fun.


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October 2011
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Posted: 7/5/2013 12:15:55 AM
I'm doing a divided page album this year but not PL, as in I don't buy any PL products, I add regular pages too and don't pressure myself to do it every day, just whenever there is something to 'report'.

Even though I'm enjoying the change, I won't be doing another one - it's just not my style. Because I'm using my stash, I find it takes just as long to do as normal pages, but without as much scope for creativity. I've seen PL style on a regular page and like that idea - at least that way they can add some embellishments and layers.

I see an advantage in using divided pages in regular albums - very handy when I have multiple pics of 1 event that would make for too many regular pages.

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October 2011
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Posted: 7/5/2013 12:15:56 AM
I'm doing a divided page album this year but not PL, as in I don't buy any PL products, I add regular pages too and don't pressure myself to do it every day, just whenever there is something to 'report'.

Even though I'm enjoying the change, I won't be doing another one - it's just not my style. Because I'm using my stash, I find it takes just as long to do as normal pages, but without as much scope for creativity. I've seen PL style on a regular page and like that idea - at least that way they can add some embellishments and layers.

I see an advantage in using divided pages in regular albums - very handy when I have multiple pics of 1 event that would make for too many regular pages.

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November 2004
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Posted: 7/5/2013 12:33:12 AM
I don't use the products, cards, albums, or page protectors, but I enjoy the idea of documenting weekly/monthly. That's at least one foot on the bandwagon. Having CF I think it's important to focus on and notice the little things that make life important. By doing my own version of PL I find that I'm paying more attention to my days, even when they're filled with sickness, and that keeps me grounded when I need it most.

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April 2013
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Posted: 7/5/2013 12:45:23 AM
I don't subscribe to a project life kit, and I am not sure I plan too. I like having the ability to make my books look however I want. I chose pictures that mean something to me, and it through my stash to create a page around it. I think if I was told to use 'X' products it would stop being fun, and would stop feeling like MY pages.

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Posted: 7/5/2013 1:53:04 AM

Nope. I don't do PL and I'm not interested in starting it, either.

I figure to each their own. It's just not my style.


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May 2009
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Posted: 7/5/2013 8:31:43 AM
i started and quit right away just not for me LOL but i do love the concept
went back to tradition crafting

Love Peace Health and Happiness to you...Rosey


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December 2012
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Posted: 7/5/2013 9:11:22 AM
I scrapbook because I like playing with paper and embellishements and designing (generally) complicated pages. It's like a design puzzle for me and that's what I love doing. Yeah, yeah, I'm saving the memories, but let's be honest, I could do that a lot faster with a printed photobook.

I also really don't have a lot of interest in scrapping daily life -- I've tried to do it and I get bored and stop. I realize that 100 years from now those details might be fascinating to people, but I'm scrapping for my enjoyment right now, so I don't care.

So PL isn't appealing to me. But like others, I do use the cards on my pages when they suit it. (In fact, The first time I heard of PL was when I'd bought a sheet from some line at Archivers and the clerk asked me how I liked Project Life. I had no idea what she was talking about and I told her that I was going to use the "cards" on the sheet for a page I was doing about a vacation and she was flabbergasted.)

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April 2002
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Posted: 7/5/2013 7:40:53 PM
No, you aren't the only one. I don't like PL. It doesn't fit me or my style.

I am 53 with a 24 year old son. I don't have cute little kids running around to photograph every day doing something new. I'm at a different stage of life.

I hate the look of divided page protectors. I'm sorry, but I do. That is what I loved so much when I found scrapbooking back in 1998. No longer were we tied to those horrid divided page protectors that never had enough spaces for vertical photos. Now we had a clean 12x12 sheet that we could place our photos on in so many different design configurations-wow! The artistic possibilities were limitless.

I feel like the divided page protectors limits my creativity. It's like my hands are tied behind my back again trying to fit my vertical photo into a horizontal space. Yes, I know they come in a zillion different configurations, but that's also extra money I'd have to spend.

I am a rebel. I still drive a manual car. I still ski and have no interest in snow boarding. I have a phone that doesn't text even! Gasp. I refuse to own an electronic reader (Nook) and read real books.

I love the look of traditional scrapbooking. That fits me best. But isn't it truly wonderful that this industry has given us so many different choices?

Debbie in MD.


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June 2002
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Posted: 7/5/2013 8:24:25 PM

Project life bandwagon. I do incorporate divided page protectors in with my traditional layouts. I have been for years. But it seems to me that PL negates what it was created for in most of the posts in the forum. Simplicity, stress-free, and faster results. I thought PL was created to simply Scrapbooking and take some of the stress and pressure that "traditional" Scrapbooking brings. BUT most of these PL post reference being behind, stuck, bored with the same routine, having to get caught up, switching to monthly, because daily/weekly was too much, too many duplicate cards, what size photos should I print, etc. that's sound pretty stressful to me.

Hey, maybe it's just me but it seems many have taken the simplicity out of such a simple concept.
Without having read the other posts, I'll just admit that I haven't yet done anything PL. I have a series of WRMK albums where I keep my Christmas LOs from over the years. I've just started using divided page protectors in them so that's probably the closest thing that I've ever done to PL.

Personally, I think the simpler forms of scrapbooking ("smashing" for instance) become more complicated as more and more products become available and people find more and more innovative and imaginative LOs for the "simpler" forms of scrapbooking and smashing. Ironically, when I look back at some of my older, simpler LOs from years ago, I still enjoy looking at them and then realize that there's no reason for me to stress out over a LO because I feel it should be "just and so" or "fancy." I hope I keep to that philosophy if and when the time comes when I want to do PL.


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April 2010
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Posted: 7/5/2013 8:26:40 PM

I hate the look of divided page protectors. I'm sorry, but I do.

Well you should be sorry. How dare you not like something that others like?!? You must be a weirdo freak loser.

P.S. I have never seen a phone that can't text. My very first phone in like 2001 had texting capabilities, I'm pretty sure. Definitely phones made in the last decade can text. And not texting doesnt make you a rebel, more like a Luddite.



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January 2003
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Posted: 7/5/2013 8:35:35 PM
I totally get why PL is so popular, and have been thinking about doing something kind of like that for a travel themed album, but...I just can't get into it for my normal stuff. I really like the product that has been created for it, but I would just use it on a regular 12x12.

I find less inspiration with PL pages than "normal" ones, but think it's rad that we have options these days!

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January 2007
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Posted: 7/5/2013 9:20:01 PM
I think some people have the wrong idea about PL... I don't think doing it means you "have" to scrap certain things, or "have" to save receipts, or "have" to keep up at a certain pace. It is what you make of it. Maybe some people need to let go of these preconceived notions.

I don't have kids, but I still find plenty to put in my PL. PL and using my phone to take pictures has changed my scrapbooking perspective. I pay attention to the little things in life much more than I used to. I really enjoy adding small ephemera and alphas and Cameo cuts to cards and pictures. I don't feel pressure to "keep up". I enjoy capturing my memories this way.

Personally, I don't like making 12x12s. I really struggle to fill up the page. I do much better with a SMASHbook or a mini album or PL. It doesn't make me less of a scrapbooker. It's merely a different way. When I did make 12x12s, my pages ended up being picture albums with multiple photos per page. One photo per page is just not my style. I don't have to cut 12x12's down to validate my own style of scrapbooking though - I take inspiration from all the talented 12x12 scrappers out there. I can use those sketches and ideas on my own pages, whether it be a smaller page or one pocket on a PL layout.

I think it's great that there are so many ways to preserve our memories. And there are trends prevalent in all scrapbooking - why does PL have to be called a "bandwagon"?

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November 2004
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Posted: 7/5/2013 10:05:02 PM
After reading more of the responses, I think a lot of the "hate" with PL is people think it's an obligation, but for me it's also the tie to Becky Higgins. I just do NOT agree with the business practises and the attitude of that woman, so I don't want to support her by giving her my money. That's for *me*. I like being able to find a place for all those little photos that I don't want to bother putting on a 12x12 page. I use the name Project Life for what I do for lack of a better word, but I won't use any of the "official" products associated with BH.

Birukitty - I hate the look of divided page protectors too. Much too confining and the end result isn't visually pleasing to me.

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Posted: 7/5/2013 11:07:58 PM
I am so glad there are so many still out there who don't do Project Life. You are all my people!

I just don't QUITE see the fun in documenting every detail of my life, week after week. I guess, if it was an excuse to play with new paper and pretty embellishments, I could justify it. But you buy a pre-made kit. Or subscribe monthly to a pre-made kit. And how many random phrases about "life" and pictures of your laundry and meals do you need in a year? I feel like I'm missing something. HOWEVER....I took a look at some of the baby kits Becky Higgins came out with, and I can totally see doing it for baby book. As a baby's first year sort of thing, when you really do want all those little stats and cards and moments documented.

ETA I have seen some cute travel albums with divided page protectors. I'm thinking of trying a mini like that and seeing if I like the ease of them


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January 2001
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Posted: 7/5/2013 11:33:07 PM
I do PL, but I don't use BH kits. I bought a ton of them and realized that they were too boring for me. I really don't find my pages boring, since I'm using a ton of product and embellishing the crap out of them.

You can take a look at last week's spread on my blog.
My blog

Why do I PL? Well, I found myself not recording the little details of our family and it made me sad. My kids were looking through the old scrapbook albums and were like, "Mom, when are you going to get the pictures off your phone?"

Oh, I also have a strict, iPHone photos policy for my PL. LOL I know it sounds funny, but since I always have my phone, I'm always capturing our life with it.



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January 2009
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Posted: 7/5/2013 11:50:57 PM
I do it simply as a year-in-review to catch up on my photos. Also, I do it monthly, but definitely don't record all the tiny details -- just an overview of each month. I also throw in some 12x12 layouts into the album for a fun mix. My teenage kids say it's their favorite album because it's different and cool. See, I'm actually a PL Rebel!!

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June 2011
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Posted: 7/6/2013 8:03:12 AM
I have used a few of the PL type protectors in my albums but like you only a little and not in the way it's intended. But I do think its a neat way to get confidence and I would definitely say it might be easier for beginners o start with although of course it's as complicated as you make it and most of them on here are amazing but I cant print photos at home so couldn't keep it up myself!
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November 2012
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Posted: 7/6/2013 9:36:56 AM
You're not alone. I haven't jumped on that wagon. I am overwhelmed with unfinished projects and just trying to keep up with what I have set aside to do. I like looking at everyone's and think it's a fun concept but I will probably never do it myself.


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June 2012
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Posted: 7/6/2013 10:36:33 AM
I like the idea but don't need to constant push to record everything...the 'history' I'm recording is a gift to my kids/grand-kids (hopefully, one day). BUT, it could be that all the paper and embellishments will end up in an attic one day or the land-fill.

I need to 'simplify' the process and the volumes. Leave behind something manageable and Carry-around-able. Thus Mini-books are more to my liking and include more artwork, journaling and random stuff along with photos.

A friend of mine has 70 12x12 albums...I hope to leave Earth with many fewer! But I understand my friend's efforts, it's HER life and mine is mine. We are all different.

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January 2007
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Posted: 7/6/2013 12:49:08 PM
I AM a chronological scrapper, and I didn't get into Project Life. I'm not one who is usually drawn to grid styles, so an entire album of it doesn't rev up my enthusiasm motor.



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October 2005
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Posted: 7/6/2013 1:02:17 PM
My 23-year-old daughter is an only child and scrap worthy pictures are getting few and far between. If I had little children at home it would make sense for me to do project life.

There are only so many pictures of my husband and me watching TV that I would want in an album.



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February 2012
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Posted: 7/6/2013 1:20:31 PM
I'm not a project life scrapper either but I think the idea is intriguing. I like the idea of a page a month but know I still couldn't keep up on it so it's just not for me. But that's okay, it is for some people. And that's okay too. I don't hate project life. I hope others don't either because it's a way to keep people scrapbooking & the companies producing products.
It's great that so many people are scrapping, regardless of how...especially with LSS going out of business. I just want all these great companies to keep producing their product!


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April 2010
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Posted: 7/6/2013 1:50:27 PM

A friend of mine has 70 12x12 albums...I hope to leave Earth with many fewer!

I hope to leave the Earth peacefully and at the ripe old age of 100+. The last thing I care about is how many albums I leave behind. What a silly thing to worry about. Do you worry about how many pairs of shoes or sets of silverware you'll leave behind too?



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May 2002
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Posted: 7/6/2013 2:55:07 PM
I have the protectors and lots of cards (mostly printables) but I use them as an extension of traditional scrapping. I use the protectors for big events (birthdays, Christmas, etc) when I have a ton of photos and little stories to tell. I would love to do PL, but I only get to scrapbook occasionally and can't keep up with the bits and pieces of life (and their stories) for months until I get to put them in an album. I try to keep some bits (with jotted notes describing the significance), but it might be just a few per month. I figure I'll take those and make yearly recap PL-esque pages eventually.
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June 2013
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Posted: 7/6/2013 4:46:23 PM
I actually have a terminal illness, so all I want is to finish getting all those photos in boxes into albums and the fewer the better. That's why I got interested in Project Life, somebody told me that it might be a quick way to get it done. I have 20 years of photos in boxes because I was always "too busy" to sit down and scrapbook.

So I do use the products - the divided page protectors and cards, and just slip photos in. Because of all the things that have come out for it, I can get my creative fix in while getting the work done. Because of it, I finished my wedding album that only had 6 pages done. (I've been married 18 years)

I don't think Project Life was meant to be the way people have done it - the weekly layout, creating stress to find new photos, etc. If I was not catching up, I would try it but maybe do a layout for just the important or interesting things that happen in date order. Kind of like scrapbooking. I wouldn't force myself to do a daily/weekly layout. Monthly though.

Assuming I'm here, I might do a December Daily though.

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Posted: 7/7/2013 3:26:50 AM

No you are not the only one. I hate doing anything on a daily basis. The thought of having to take pictures, save reciepts, AND write something cute every day about my day seems to me like torture! My husband and I are both in our fifties with grown children who no longer live at home. I don't think my life is boring, but I do have routines that aren't that interesting. Going to work, coming home and watching TV, band practice for him, scrapbooking with a friend for me, and dinner and a movie on the weekend, plus gigs for him here and there. That's it. We like our life, but keeping track week after week of "Today I watched Supernatural, Today I ate a hamburger." seems awfully tediuos.

I think this is a good point - if you don't have children at home any more life is quite different. Your days aren't peppered with cute, funny sayings, with cuddles and snuggles, with 'firsts' of any kind (teeth/shoes/lunch box), with proms and so on so although I love our life, doing a daily take on it wouldn't be very interesting

Monthly might be better for me - but I still don't really see the appeal that much to be honest and that's fine

Today, I will be colouring outside the lines.


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January 2013
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Posted: 7/7/2013 4:51:45 AM
I dont do pl because I just don't see the fun in documenting every detail of my life. Thats why im not out on Facebook much either. Its also the writing when i scrapbook i dont do much journaling so to try write each week i just cant.
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Posted: 7/7/2013 6:24:27 AM
I've never even been interested in PL. I love creating interesting layered LOs and that's where I get my pleasure when I scrap and create. Building a page gives me so much pleasure that working with the PL cards and embellishments do not meeting my creative needs, though I like some of the items I do not like them all enough to try it. I've always used divided page protectors for my extra pictures, though I've felt no need to embellish them. I say to each its own and I'm happy for those who chose the PL route it's just not my style of scrapbooking.

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May 2013
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Posted: 7/7/2013 10:43:23 AM
I have always been more into mini books than anything else, but after a couple year- life is way too crazy hiatus and not scrapping at all, I began looking at all the new scrapbook supplies and such. I'll admit, at first glance I really wasn't too keen on the whole PL idea. It seemed like it had to be simple bc documenting my life everyday would be so very time consuming! However, I did like the divided pages.... So I decided to buy a kit for some "don't think about it" journaling cards' cut up my own overflowing stash of scraps, and do PL on my own terms... Meaning whenever I feel like it and whatever I feel like scrapping about. It's turned into a mini book page!

But I still love all those little books


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January 2005
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Posted: 7/7/2013 10:50:17 AM
it's not for me either. I get the concept of doing it in a simple way to get stuff documented but that's not the reason I scrap. I like to tell stories and make pretty art, its not so much about recording everything that we do. I've been using divided page protectors for years mixed in with my regular layouts so I'm thrilled with all the new options available in that area due to PL.
I've made several 8.5x11 vacation albums in the style, based on Ali Edwards' digital products that I printed out and "baseball card" holders. I think its great for that because you do have a place to stash ephemera you keep and having lots of photos of meals, signs, places, etc makes "sense".
I do think its great that PL provides another way for people to record their lives if they don't care for the work involved in creating regular layouts.

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Posted: 7/7/2013 10:57:44 AM
I'm loving it (3 weeks in) but I'm digital.

I was so far behind that I really wasn't scrapbooking anymore. Trying to wrench more meaning out of another layout focused on one series of photos just wasn't doing it for me. Neither was "Insert Holiday Here we visited ___, ate ____ and it was fun!"

I realized that I am "journaling" every day. On FB and via text.

I now have templates to insert our photos (many pulled straight from my Photostream) and copy/paste FB and texts and feel I have captured the essence of us.

I don't stress it. I purposely don't try and document in real time. I look back a few weeks and what jumps out is what I save. I find that in the moment I love every photo. With time my eye grows more discerning.

If its not for you then definitely - don't. Life is too full of other opportunities to spend time on a hobby you don't enjoy.

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