Silhoutte software keeps crashing - anyone else?

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Posted 7/12/2013 by Cassie~Scraps in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 7/12/2013 11:40:51 AM
I have the designer edition of the Silhouette software and it keeps crashing on me. I'll be in the middle of something and it stops responding. It happened again last night and my dumb self had not been saving as I worked, so I lost a couple of hours worth of work.

I was thinking about doing a reinstall, but I was wondering if this is something others are experiencing? It's only been since the most recent upgrade. I've emailed Silhouette about it, but I'm curious.

BTW- my PSA today is save, save, save!! I recreated some of what I was working on last night and I think I saved every little change I made, lol.


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Posted: 7/12/2013 3:18:48 PM
I've just started using mine but I find that if I have to walk away and my computer goes to sleep, I have to shut down the program and start over. It's super annoying.

Sherry C

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Posted: 7/12/2013 3:21:38 PM
So sorry you're having trouble. I used mine yesterday and it was fine. I hope you get the kinks worked out soon.

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