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Posted 8/19/2013 by Scrapn Nana in General Scrappin'

Scrapn Nana
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Posted: 8/19/2013 10:03:08 AM
I have resisted Pinterest for a long time, but I am finally thinking that I will join. It looks like I would sign up using either Facebook or email. Is there a risk or annoyance either way? I don't want either my Facebook or email to be spammed or hacked. Have you had any problems? Is one of those ways better for signing up than the other?

It would be helpful to collect layouts I like all in one place instead of bookmarking them, etc. I've just seen some Pinterest posts in the past that made me nervous. I am NOT asking anyone to sponsor me or send me a link or anything. I just want to know the best/safest way to do it. I know a lot of folks here have Pinterest boards, so you can tell me if there is anything to worry about (or if I am just being paranoid).


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Posted: 8/19/2013 10:15:00 AM
I used my email not my fb. The only time I receive an email is if I have a new follower. I don't do much on it so there for I hardly ever get emails. The only problem I have, I wish we can remove followers and block them, sometimes I get some wacky ones and I think why are they following me. My advice, don't use any family members names for a board, for example, Lively's birthday ideas.

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Posted: 8/19/2013 10:16:15 AM
I have had the same experience as passion4scrappin.

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Posted: 8/19/2013 10:18:29 AM
I use my Facebook account and just to let you know that you can hind all your Pinterest activity from your Facebook timeline so only you and not your friends can see it. I get worried I'm going to annoy people when they get it on their news feed 10 times a day so I set it so only I can see it


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Posted: 8/19/2013 11:04:29 AM
I hooked up my FB account, but blocked it so it wouldn't post EVERY TIME I PIN like... you know, some of my friends that drive me crazy? I just connected it to my public page, but it doesn't do anything. You don't get emails either, if you sign up through email. At least I never have.

My only issue is I cannot get it to verify that I'm the owner of my own website. I have to ask DH what I'm doing wrong.

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Posted: 8/19/2013 12:14:45 PM
The other thing you could do is to make all your boards private if you don't want others to see them. You have to do that when you first set up the board. You can't do after it is already public.

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Posted: 8/19/2013 12:26:33 PM
I connect via Mail and I don't get any spam or annoying mails. You can change the notifications in your settings, e.g. if you want/ don't want an email when you get a new follower, when someone invites you to a board etc. So you can turn off all email notifications.
You can make your boards private BUT you have only 3 private boards per account and you cannot make an initially public one private.
In general I have absolutely no problems with Pinterest, no weird comments/mails or sth. like that. And I also don't really care who follows me because well.. what would they get to know about me? That I like scrapbooking, how my dream home would look and what kind of fashion I like. But.. why should I worry about that?

So I say try it!
Oh, and if you connect via Facebook make sure to turn off that you FB friends get notified everytime you pin sth., that can get really annoying, as some others already mentioned.


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Posted: 8/19/2013 1:10:01 PM
I love, love, love Pinterest. If anybody wants to check out my boards, it is under Carolyn Elizabeth. Don't know why I was afraid to use my last name, but felt this was better.

Carolyn Peaing in VA

Lilith Eeckels

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Posted: 8/19/2013 1:56:22 PM
I used my mail too.


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Scrapn Nana
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Posted: 8/19/2013 2:11:00 PM
Thanks, everyone! I signed up using my email!

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Posted: 8/19/2013 3:18:47 PM
I've been a member for years, used my email to sign up, never had any spam or anything remotely like it.


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December 2004
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Posted: 8/19/2013 8:12:09 PM
I did email and changed my pinterest account settings so I don't get any emails. Either that or create an email for junk mail, which I also have in case I need it.


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Posted: 8/19/2013 8:13:59 PM
I've never had any problems. I don't think it's any less secure/more of a threat than any other social media or website you might sign up for and use!

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Posted: 8/19/2013 8:35:57 PM
I LOVE pinterest...and haven't had any increase in SPAM or anything. I do several pinterest inspired projects (sewing, home décor, gardening, etc) a month, and probably five or more pinterest meals a month as well.


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Posted: 8/19/2013 8:50:45 PM
You can block people on Pinterest. I had someone follow me and I didn't like the things they pin...all sexual so I blocked them.


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Posted: 8/20/2013 1:56:56 AM
Jeannie, how do you block someone? I didn't know you could do that.

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jen w

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Posted: 8/20/2013 4:42:23 AM
pinterest too! I also signed up with email, and so far no problems.

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May 2013
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Posted: 8/20/2013 6:23:41 AM

how do you block someone? I didn't know you could do that.

Go to their profile page and click on that little flag in the lower right corner of their profile "frame". Then there's a drop down menu where you can select various reasons for reporting someone and at the bottom of that drop down menu you can select to block someone. Then this person cannot follow you, you cannot follow them and you cannot communicate with each other via pins.


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June 2001
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Posted: 8/20/2013 6:44:02 AM
Yup....what ScatteredConfetti said!



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Posted: 8/20/2013 7:12:32 AM
I've noticed recently some followers are stores/products (herbal supplements, etc.). I think they just want you to check out their pins which are all their products. I just block them.


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Posted: 8/20/2013 8:43:21 AM
I used my email and I probably only receive 1 email a month from Pinterest telling something new that is going on or if they are changing anything with the site.

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Posted: 8/20/2013 8:48:36 PM
I <3 Pinterest. Add me to the list that used my email to sign up.


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Posted: 8/21/2013 11:05:21 AM
I thought when someone follows your boards they see your pins, but unless you choose to follow them back you don't see theirs? If you block them you are blocking their ability to see your pins, you have to unfollow them to not see their pins, is this correct?


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Posted: 8/21/2013 11:11:28 AM
I have a "junk email" address that I use for things like pintrest. That way if a place does end up spamming my email it doesn't matter because it is not an account I use for important to me contacts.

aol, yahoo, hotmail, gmail all have free email.

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Posted: 8/21/2013 12:14:26 PM
I joined through FB 3 years ago and have never had a problem. I turned off all of the notifications that I could so that I wouldn't get emailed all of the time when someone repinned something, someone started following, etc. I like having it attached to my FB so I can follow my FB friends on there also. You can only make 3 boards private at a time but if keep your followers to just people you know that shouldn't matter. Have fun with it!! It's one of my favorite social media tools!
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