Help me choose a desk...please.

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Posted 8/24/2013 by bibirodriguez in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 8/24/2013 2:10:21 PM
I need a new desk for my room. I don't have a scraproom, so I just have a desk in my bedroom with a couple bookcases that hold my scrap and sewing stuff. I don't have a lot of room so a huge project table is out of the question.

I like these ikea desks but am open to any suggestions as well. Thanks so much!!



linnmon/vika lerberg


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March 2008
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Posted: 8/24/2013 2:27:23 PM
We bought the second one for my BF and he really likes it. He uses it for chart drawing (ship routes) and it is a LARGE work surface. You can put baskets on the bottom shelves for extra storage. We bought the all wood one and stained it.

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Posted: 8/24/2013 2:32:07 PM
I have been looking for one also, for a small corner in our bedroom, preferably wood, used is fine, that I can paint Tiffany blue or shabby chic green...I've been searching Craig's list, eBay, and online, and when I come upon a vintage looking table/desk, even new, the prices are awful. And tell me please, who buys $800-$1000 dollar craft desks from Pottery Barn or Martha Stewart?
The ones you picked are very nice and modern, I like the Vika one the best. Good luck and enjoy!


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April 2012
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Posted: 8/24/2013 2:39:14 PM
The Alex one is nice because your items will be his in drawers... That is if you need that extra storage.
If not i would go for the second one.
Very nice!

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gluemore girl

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Posted: 8/24/2013 2:51:16 PM
I think the one with drawers will give you much needed storage.
Have you checked out Office Max or Staples for ideas? I've seen some compact desk/storage in both.

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Posted: 8/24/2013 3:03:24 PM

The Alex one is nice because your items will be his in drawers... That is if you need that extra storage.
If not i would go for the second one.
Very nice!


The first one is the best for storage and it's covered so will look neater in your bedroom. You could even put a set of stackable drawers or a Raskog cart under the desk on the right, and pull them out when you're working if you need the leg room.

If storage space is not an issue, I like the looks of the second one. Not a great use of space though with the slanted legs. You could put one box/basket on each side but then that triangle of space above it is unusable esp. with those pieces of wood coming down into the space (assuming you don't have the desktop jacked up really high).

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Posted: 8/24/2013 4:32:09 PM
Finnvard. I have a table similar to it and love te extra storage below. I have the white trestle desk from target. Love it


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October 2005
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Posted: 8/24/2013 4:36:08 PM
Finnvard is definitely more stylish. I love that you can raise it up and tilt it. Table #3 gives you a similar, but more simple, look for almost 1/4 of the price though - that makes it a contender as well IMO.


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Posted: 8/24/2013 5:02:26 PM
First one.....I have Alex drawers and love them for items I need close at hand.

I love the smell of card stock in the morning.....

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Posted: 8/24/2013 5:40:34 PM

Linnmon/Alex :

I like this because it has the Alex drawers. You could get a second set of drawers and use it instead of the legs on the right. This adding lots more storage space


I love the way this one looks! But the shelves provide less storage than the Alex drawers

linnmon/vika lerberg:

This one is okay. It does have a lot of work space but no storage at all. I wouldn't choose this one.

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Posted: 8/24/2013 6:31:22 PM
I just got a vintage tanker news desk from 1938 ! I'm going to stock it up tonight! So excited!

It's steel and indestructible!

Katie Scott
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July 2010
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Posted: 8/24/2013 8:15:10 PM
I like the Alex. Any of these are good though. I have a couple white Ikea desks (different ones than you've shown), but I like them because they are easy to clean!

jen w

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November 2011
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Posted: 8/24/2013 8:57:50 PM
I like it because it has a nice size craft space, storage on side and a lot of leg room, so maybe an additional scrapper can be on the other side.

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Posted: 8/24/2013 8:58:31 PM
This is the one I chose:

Ikea Secretary Desk with Hutch

DH has been putting it together for me today. It can easily hold 12x12 papers on the lower shelves. It has a spot for cords if you use a laptop or an electronic cutter on it. The hutch part (bought separately from the desk, but the price shown is for both the desk and the hutch) can hold a fair amount of stuff. Not sure yet how I will store things, but I am excited to have a spot in my family room where I can scrap while DH watches TV. I don't have a scrapbook room, so my stuff is stored in a variety of places. This will be so helpful to me!

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Posted: 8/25/2013 12:20:34 AM
This is the desk I have from Ikea


I love that it has a lot of work space. I have a small tv in the corner and plenty of room for organizers and 12x12 layouts without being crowded. I just have the $3.50 metal legs and it is very sturdy but looks nice and clean in the room (my desk is white). My desk top does have a few scratches from my large paper cutter being dropped from a shelf, but it has held up pretty well for an inexpensive desk.

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Posted: 8/25/2013 12:23:22 AM
since room is an issue for you, it seems like the Alex unit will give you the most storage.

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Posted: 8/25/2013 12:26:05 AM
I have the Linnmon/Alex unit. LOVE it. Got it about 3 months ago after using a plastic folding table from Costco for a few years. I have the longest table top and two of the Alex drawers - one on each side. I started with the setup you linked and added the second set about a month later. I LOVE having stuff in drawers on each side of me. I still have room to store other stuff under the table. The surface is big too so I can put stuff out on top like my smaller storage things. Everything is within reach.


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April 2009
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Posted: 8/25/2013 8:51:11 AM
For whatever it is worth, I like the first two. The first one is great if you need extra drawers for storage. The second I would use baskets and put my paper kits in. Just my thought on the desk. I am sure whichever you choose you will enjoy. I cannot wait to hear which one you go with.


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Posted: 8/25/2013 11:30:23 AM
I got an Ikea desk for my craft space but not one of the ones shown....
I REALLY wish I'd gotten shelves for under the desk instead of regular legs!
I would go for the Alex desk for sure! It's so much neater having everything in drawers......


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Posted: 8/25/2013 11:43:48 AM
I was just at Ikea on Thursday to get a Raskog cart (love it!) and I was looking at the second table. I love the trestle legs. I think they're so pretty. I must have been looking at a different top because it was only about $100 for a 30" x 5' table. I'm thinking about getting two to form an L-shaped table.

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Posted: 8/25/2013 12:12:19 PM
I love the 2nd one but the first does give you storage which I think all of us always want so we can buy more things.

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Posted: 8/25/2013 1:39:15 PM
I like the secretary desk that you picked up.... it's perfect for a bedroom since you can close it up nicely!

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Posted: 8/25/2013 3:19:16 PM
I like the one with the Alex unit. It will be so convenient to get stuff out and out it away.

I have the Pier 1 knock-off of the Pottery Barn project table (they don't make it any more). I have been looking at getting a second desk as I need a cutting station. I was thinking of getting the one that goes on the expedit and putting an Alex on the end. Maybe I will just get the first one you linked instead.

- Renee
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Posted: 8/25/2013 4:19:22 PM
I got the second one that you listed and LOVE IT!

The bottom is the right size for my printer/scanner on one side and my Selphy printer on the other, which is really nice.

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November 2004
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Posted: 8/25/2013 4:33:40 PM
You guys are awesome! I'm still purging and rearranging stuff. You helped me narrow it down to 2. I'll hopefully be going to ikea soon, and I'll choose then and post a pic.

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