what scrap style do you have/wish you had?

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Posted 9/24/2013 by lexibridges in General Scrappin'


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January 2009
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Posted: 9/24/2013 9:03:40 PM
I never ever know how to describe my style. I always say "eclectic". I figure that might cover it all

But I LOVE a simple style on layouts. Love. Which is funny because that is so opposite of my style. I've tried simple and can't ever seem to make it look right. I always end up junking it up. Again I say "eclectic"

What about you? What style do you have/wish you had?
Or maybe you are happy with your style which is a-okay too!

Slow Poke Pea

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June 1999
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Loc: Central Florida

Posted: 9/24/2013 10:46:31 PM
I guess my style is pretty simple - some would probably see it as boring I use mostly solid cardstock, minimal embellishment (but always something), and lots of photos.

I love the single photo, lots of embellishment, patterned paper layouts I see, but it just isn't me.



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November 2010
Posts: 28
Layouts: 0
Loc: Huntington Beach

Posted: 9/25/2013 3:55:56 AM
My style is pretty simple. I'm not a huge embellished. Lately though I'm trying to mix it up and I wish I could mix paper so much better and quicker, it doesn't come naturally to me. But now I can't seem to stand just a piece of pattern paper with matted photos and a title. I want more but suck at it. I still love my pages though.

And journaling - I suck at that.

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June 2004
Posts: 15,385
Layouts: 217
Loc: Arkansas

Posted: 9/25/2013 4:45:13 AM
Mine is sort of eclectic. Lots of layers, inking, paper tearing mixed in with a lot of straight lines thrown in. I've sometimes called it the "flea market look" because of the randomness of the styles I have on one page.

Sometimes I wish I had a more simple/graphic style. Most of the time I am very happy with my style though.

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February 2001
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Loc: Adelaide, Australia

Posted: 9/25/2013 4:55:15 AM
I'm eclectic girl .. A bit of this, a bit of that, layers, ink, mist, paint, dots, washi, ephemera and mess.
Anything except stamps .. I don't do stamps at all.

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Ancient Ancestor of Pea

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February 2006
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Posted: 9/25/2013 6:19:28 AM

I guess my style is pretty simple - some would probably see it as boring I use mostly solid cardstock, minimal embellishment (but always something), and lots of photos.

I love the single photo, lots of embellishment, patterned paper layouts I see, but it just isn't me.

This is me.


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June 2007
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Loc: Wisconsin

Posted: 9/25/2013 7:08:07 AM
I wish I could use lots of embellishments and doodads. I tend to have a simpler look, especially when I paper scrap. My digi pages have a little more "stuff," but not much.

Garden Girl

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September 2002
Posts: 15,069
Layouts: 890
Loc: Utah

Posted: 9/25/2013 7:09:52 AM
I would love to be able to create dreamy layouts like you, Lexi. So pretty always.

Jen Gallacher

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gluemore girl

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September 2006
Posts: 423
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Loc: New England

Posted: 9/25/2013 7:24:20 AM
I would call my style "playfully simple". I will use one or many photos on a LO, I love mixing patterns and colors and I don't worry about things being too linear. One of my BFFs taught me years ago that it was okay to be asymmetrical, lol. I do like the look of clustering papers and embellies but have trouble making it look right for me, so I do a simpler version of it. I do experiment with different techniques at times most recently stamping my title right onto the page! I journal w/almost every LO and like to experiment w/different ways to do so.
After 14yrs of this, and several style experiments, I've found that I like my current style, but not afraid to mix it up at times.

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May 2009
Posts: 4,784
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Loc: Queens NYC

Posted: 9/25/2013 7:26:18 AM
wish i had shabby chic and vintage i just cnt get it right LOL

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October 2005
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Loc: New England

Posted: 9/25/2013 7:58:00 AM
Lately I find myself really drawn to the minimalist style layouts - one small picture, light and plain background with a few clustered embellishments/paper cutouts. I guess I really like the layouts with a lot of open space. Which I never seem to be able to do because I have to much I want to get on the page.

Jeepers PEApers

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October 2002
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Loc: River Ridge, Louisiana

Posted: 9/25/2013 8:01:38 AM
While I like my style and my pages for the most part, I'd love to be able to change it up now and then...and pull off a really gorgeous artsy page with soft colors and lots of white space. White space is my nemesis.

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April 2010
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Loc: New York City

Posted: 9/25/2013 8:17:28 AM
My style is the 1-2 photos layout with a lot of white space and layering, dots, splatters, embellishment clusters. I do love it. But sometimes I wish I could do clean and graphic, like Kelly Purkey or Kinsey Wilson. I sometimes start with an idea of doing that, but always end up layering and clustering in the end.



PeaNut 563,248
August 2012
Posts: 2,663
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Loc: Florida

Posted: 9/25/2013 8:29:17 AM
I love graphic, white space and mixed media & layers. But I could not tell you category mine fall under. But lately I have been lifting from glitter girl and a really little bit from mercytiara.

Scrapn Nana
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August 2006
Posts: 8,491
Layouts: 26

Posted: 9/25/2013 8:30:24 AM
When I first started scrapping, I wished that I scrapped more like my SIL. She is the one who introduced me to scrapbooking, and her pages were beautiful! I loved her style and wished it would somehow magically become mine.

However, I did not live close to her. I couldn't really learn from her because I saw her so rarely. She lived in another state. So I developed my own style over time, and it suits me.

While I love some of the creative ideas that I see, I am happy with my own style now.

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Ancient Ancestor of Pea

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August 2004
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Layouts: 90

Posted: 9/25/2013 9:15:26 AM
I wish my style looked more like the designers from Prima, but I can't afford to put that much product on a LO. Their LOs are so pretty!



PeaNut 157,644
July 2004
Posts: 3,609
Layouts: 593

Posted: 9/25/2013 1:00:41 PM
I love the heavily embellished pages but can't seem to pull that off very well. But, I do a little of everything but the ones I'm consistently very happy with are the ones that are more Shimmel's still.


PeaNut 550,329
April 2012
Posts: 328
Layouts: 13

Posted: 9/25/2013 1:14:58 PM
I agree with Janehollon
I love the layouts with tons of embellishments, but its very challenging for me to do... Because I feel like it just doesn't flow.

My style is vintage and I always keep it pretty simple. (Opposite of u)
I guess I have a hard time with matching... That's y I wear a lot of black. Interesting for an art teacher not to be comfortable with color

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April 2009
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Loc: Chesterton Indiana

Posted: 9/25/2013 2:53:53 PM
Mine is simple but I wish I can do the pretty mixed media stuff I see or the ton of layers and flowers that some of girls do that I follow. However that being said I love my style. I do want to try and embellish more so I am working on that part.



PeaNut 472,674
June 2010
Posts: 183
Layouts: 388
Loc: California

Posted: 9/25/2013 2:59:02 PM
I guess I would also fall into the "eclectic" category. I seem to pull from all sorts of styles depending on what I want to do that day. But I wish, and I mean I WISH, that I could do art/mixed media like Wilna! I can recreate an artsy layout, but I can never seem to come up with something on my own. I think I am probably afraid of messing up--I mean there is no going back when applying paint, gesso, ect. and my little type A mind likes things to be neat and perfect! LOL.


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November 2009
Posts: 2,649
Layouts: 5

Posted: 9/25/2013 3:04:01 PM
Simple, linear, minimal embellishments and I like color and stamps.

I wish I could be more artsy and messy sometimes... I hate waiting for things to dry though!

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August 2004
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Loc: *Sunny Southern California*

Posted: 9/25/2013 4:22:28 PM

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Thinking outside the bucket

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April 2003
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Posted: 9/25/2013 6:23:55 PM
I'd have to say my way of scrapbooking is very analytical.

I try to be as creative as I can with my layouts cause that's my favorite way to approach them. And tedious... I always want to make my own embellishments from scratch, or cut out patterns on patterned paper for them.
But I become indecisive and I always redo what I put together cause the fresh ideas always SEEM greener

I'm going to start making my pages with a more sentimental touch too now, and try to make it more " go with the flow"
And try the "first thought final down" thing


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May 2012
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Layouts: 31
Loc: Ontario, Canada

Posted: 9/25/2013 9:16:24 PM
I always have a hard time describing my style.....I guess it's clean (definitely not shabby chic/grungy), and bright (I love clean colours, not too bright but not grungy either), somewhat graphic style....

I love the paper layering that I see on a lot of pages...I do some, but I'm really not very good at lots of layers...and I love the artsy stuff, like painting on the background but am not very good at that either!


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February 2013
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Loc: Montreal

Posted: 9/26/2013 9:18:18 AM
I like gelatos. But I'm not very good at it. It always looks funny on my LO. And I already bought so much! I am still trying to figure it out while it looks like it comes so naturaly to others. I'm kind of jealous of that.

And I love hand drawing. I don't do any because I never like the way it looks but I use to have this scrapper (from Bresil I think) in my faves. She was awesome at it. She had her own line of patterned paper drew my her.

Otherwise, I have learned to like my style more and more. And be more confident with what I do. That doesnt come naturaly to me!


PeaNut 574,604
December 2012
Posts: 3,746
Layouts: 0

Posted: 9/26/2013 10:11:18 AM
I'm happy with my style. If I weren't, I'd change it.


PeaNut 6,447
September 2000
Posts: 1,523
Layouts: 106
Loc: Georgia

Posted: 9/26/2013 10:37:57 AM
My style is very clean and linear. I wish I could junk it up more, but my mind doesn't work that way.

Garden Girl

PeaNut 106,721
September 2003
Posts: 3,899
Layouts: 481
Loc: Canada

Posted: 9/26/2013 1:49:15 PM
i sometimes wish i can go totally minimalistic. BUT i simply CANNOT.

heart and soul,


PeaNut 181,125
December 2004
Posts: 3,940
Layouts: 33
Loc: Chicago, IL

Posted: 9/26/2013 4:17:01 PM

I wish my style looked more like the designers from Prima, but I can't afford to put that much product on a LO. Their LOs are so pretty!

I totally agree.


Go Tarheels!

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June 2003
Posts: 10,379
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Posted: 9/26/2013 4:43:25 PM
Although I appreciate every style, my personal scrapping style is simple, linear, story-focused, journaling-extensive, & cardstock-intensive with actual memorabilia.


PeaNut 307,816
April 2007
Posts: 12,819
Layouts: 962
Loc: So Cal Gal Living in NJ

Posted: 9/26/2013 5:17:36 PM
I'm digi, first off, so that definitely eliminates the fear of 'messing up', because digital has this wonderful UNDO process, so you can experiment to your hearts content.

That said, I think I have tried almost every style of scrapping (except layered embellishments- I don't really use embellishments per se) and paper style, but some types I have to FORCE myself to do. I love simple graphic pages, but don't do them often enough. I have this internal pressure to make no two layouts alike, so I'm always trying to outdo myself, and that's just ridiculous. I can't really think of a style that I don't do that I want to, but I often look through different galleries or Pinterest, and see really artsy layouts that aren't event-based or memory based at all, and kind of wish I did more work like that. I have developed a style that I use occasionally for heritage layouts that I call my artsy style, but it isn't nearly as creative and fun as I wish.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm running out of layout ideas and mojo. Maybe next week I'll look at it totally differently!

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December 2000
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Loc: Portland, OR

Posted: 9/26/2013 11:04:21 PM
My style is whim-driven. I've been scrapping for a long time, so I've tried on a lot of styles. Mostly digital these days, but heading back into my scrap room more and more lately.

Digi - I use way more embellishments because I don't have to pay for them. I also tend to use more and smaller photos since custom sizing is fast and easy.

Paper - mostly simple with one or two creative twists on a page. I don't spend days and days on a layout any more.



PeaNut 147,333
May 2004
Posts: 1,077
Layouts: 77

Posted: 9/26/2013 11:37:25 PM
Yes, I wish I my style was layering. I Shimelle style and no matter how hard I try I can't achieve it.

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October 2003
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Posted: 9/27/2013 8:06:48 AM

I use lots of photos and do double page layouts, but I also do lots of single photo/single page layouts. I use ephemera. I use pattern paper. I use a few embellishments. I layer, but my layouts are still relatively flat. I don't own a ton a product, so I don't use a ton of product on each page. Some pages are simpler than others... it really depends how many photos & words I have and thus how much room is left for decorating.

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October 2012
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Posted: 9/27/2013 9:36:29 AM
My style is simple and clean. I'm not creative at mixing patterns and colors. It does not come naturally to me. I'm sure if I practiced being better at it, I'd get better, but I get impatient. I want cardstock, patterned paper, and a possible title and I'm usually happy.

I've noticed a lot of French peas have an amazing artistic style. I wish I could pull that off, especially on my heritage pages.


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May 2006
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Layouts: 34
Loc: NoVa

Posted: 9/27/2013 9:47:22 AM
I wish I was more comfortable using paints and stamps on layouts. I think those things add a lot of interest and personality to a page.


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July 2007
Posts: 1,575
Layouts: 0

Posted: 9/27/2013 12:38:43 PM
I am more to the simple side but I really wish I could be more artsy. I love the clusters, misting, and layering I see so many other people do. I just can't get it to work and look good.



PeaNut 594,724
September 2013
Posts: 273
Layouts: 0
Loc: Australia
Posted: 9/27/2013 4:28:38 PM
I like the look of artsy, embellished layouts and have tried them, but just can't do it. So it's clean and minimal for me and I'm happy with that style.


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Creative Dreamer

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April 2003
Posts: 10,742
Layouts: 12

Posted: 9/27/2013 7:23:03 PM
I am a very linear scrapper. I love the collage look, boho chic style and the detailed layouts such as Gabrielle Pollacco does and other detailed styles. So far I just can't seem to pull it off.

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