What are y'all doing today?

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Posted 9/26/2013 by child of grace in NSBR Board

child of grace
Ancient Ancestor of Pea

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August 2006
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Posted: 9/26/2013 7:54:50 AM
I'm in the mountains with a friend while my hubby is in Romania. We will go into Waynesville later and just look around.


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April 2007
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Posted: 9/26/2013 8:00:43 AM
right now everyone ells is sleeping. I have 4400 running on nextflix and Cleaning up my studio. I am finally getting it to the point i can meet with customer again. It has been a mess since be for baby M came along.

I have quite a few learing disabilitys that effect my spelling a grammer. I do know my grammer and spelling suck. I have been working on this problem all my adult life.


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March 2005
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Posted: 9/26/2013 8:05:29 AM
Still unpacking at the new house. You can now see the kitchen counters.



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December 2006
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Posted: 9/26/2013 8:08:37 AM
Sleeping. I have a 2 hour staff meeting this afternoon, followed by a 12 hour shift tonight. Hope y'all have a good day !

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Ancient Ancestor of Pea

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September 2002
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Posted: 9/26/2013 8:08:47 AM
I'm having my gallbladder taken out! YAY!

No, really. I'm excited. I have been semi-sick for 2 months and REALLY sick for the past 6 days. I've lost 8 pounds in those 6 days.

We leave in 30 minutes for the surgery center and I cannot wait. I am so ready to feel better.


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December 2006
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Posted: 9/26/2013 8:09:33 AM
Just workin' today....


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October 2002
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Posted: 9/26/2013 8:14:24 AM
Just trying to get through this day of work (it's my Friday) and then hopefully I'll get to squeeze in a good bike ride after.

I'm in the mountains with a friend while my hubby is in Romania.

SO just got back from Romania last month. He loved it so much that he's talked me into going with him when he goes back next.

The Banana Under the Couch Pea

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February 2007
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Posted: 9/26/2013 8:22:16 AM
It's my day off, so it will be filled with cleaning, laundry, a dr.'s appointment, and a couple errands.

Looking forward to a homemade dinner with DH tonight, along with some free time to catch up on some TV. It's been a crazy couple of weeks!


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July 2007
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Posted: 9/26/2013 8:24:43 AM
Working till 3:45 then a doctor's appointment then home. A few house chores and I'll probably get sucked into my Farmtown till I go to bed! lol

Lisa =^..^=

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Ancient Ancestor of Pea

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June 2005
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Posted: 9/26/2013 8:26:57 AM
I'm working (well, on break) then dinner and getting my niece to saxophone practice. I'm hoping my photos come in today and I can start work on my project life album.


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February 2012
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Posted: 9/26/2013 8:28:00 AM
Just regular everyday chores and taking care of kids.

Maybe some scrapping later.

*Stop the glorification of busy*

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December 2003
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Posted: 9/26/2013 8:34:12 AM
Workout, shopping at Target and Macys, pick up friend's child from preschool and hang out with her for a bit, take sons to karate and Boy Scouts. Maybe see part of a movie. Hoping my 120 photos from photobucket arrive today so I can start organizing them.


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July 2001
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Posted: 9/26/2013 8:40:36 AM
Sneezing. Coughing. Blowing my nose incessantly. Whining about it.

Have both kids home w/me and my dh's shed being delivered this PM.

Off to the MD w/ds #1.

Good luck today, Lisa!

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August 2003
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Posted: 9/26/2013 8:41:34 AM
Home for now, but going out for groceries in a bit, then off to the vet to pick up some heartworm medicine for the pups. Later, once dd gets home from school, we are heading to the library for a Diary of a Wimpy Kid party.

Ancient Ancestor of Pea

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December 2006
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Posted: 9/26/2013 9:45:35 AM
Chores and studying!

Dalai Mama
La Pea Boheme

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September 2002
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Posted: 9/26/2013 9:50:07 AM
Auditing a Not for Profit, peaing and looking for a new camera bag (they are my crack).

Jo Mama


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July 2006
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Posted: 9/26/2013 9:53:03 AM
Have the day off from work, so I am going to go visit my Grandma in her home, make some sugar cookies and go for a run


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January 2011
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Posted: 9/26/2013 9:54:17 AM
It's 5 pm here, so I'm finished with most of today's chores. DD is playing in her room, DS is cleaning his, and I'm nurturing a cold *sneeze, cough*. Hopefully the kids will entertin themselves for a bit longer, peace and quiet feels wondeful right now.

Ancient Ancestor of Pea

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December 2006
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Posted: 9/26/2013 10:01:18 AM
Huh, I'm near a Waynesville today. Wonder if we are that close!

I'm shuttling sick people to doctor appointments, and trying to get some work done in between. Good thing my immune system works.

Ancient Ancestor of Pea

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March 2003
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Posted: 9/26/2013 10:21:49 AM
I just finished my work project and sent it out the door. Yay.

Now I'm going to scan old photos and work on the slideshow for my dad's memorial service. I'm actually looking forward to it -- it makes me smile to look at all those pictures. Although he isn't in as many as he could be since he was always taking the pictures.

Here's one of my favorites that I took when I was a little kid.


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January 2010
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Posted: 9/26/2013 10:29:43 AM
Will pick up the kids after work and fight DS1 about homework, make dinner, do laundry, and hopefully get my fat butt to spin class!


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September 2003
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Loc: In the South

Posted: 9/26/2013 11:56:40 AM
Going to the beach for the weekend. My SIL and BIL have been there all month. This is the first weekend we could go meet them.

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May 2007
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Posted: 9/26/2013 12:09:54 PM
Well, my job was eliminated this morning, so I'm going to throw in a load of laundry and take today to process it. Tomorrow I will pick myself up and go on. I'm grateful for a severance package and I know I'll find something and we'll be just fine.

Eye pea ;)

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February 2002
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Loc: 01826

Posted: 9/26/2013 12:19:35 PM
I did a couple of errands with dh this morning and now I'm waiting to leave for an appointment with a medical oncologist. I'm hoping to leave that with a plan for chemotherapy. I keep saying the sooner it's started the sooner it's done!!


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February 2009
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Posted: 9/26/2013 1:05:29 PM
I'll be leaving the studio in about 30 minutes to take my son shopping. He needs a purple button down to match his date's dress for homecoming tomorrow.


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May 2004
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Loc: Midwesterner living in the Deep South

Posted: 9/26/2013 1:09:16 PM
Playing milk maid and diaper changer to my 3 week old newborn! I really need to finish some thank you cards for presents we received but I'm trying to find down time to get them finished!

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Miss Lerins Momma
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June 2004
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Posted: 9/26/2013 1:42:53 PM
Right now peaing. I have laundry & the dishwasher going. Trying to pack for our upcoming camping trip... and getting dinner ready so we can hopefully eat before DD' s basketball game tonight.

Trolls *heart* me!!

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November 2002
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Posted: 9/26/2013 1:55:16 PM
shopping for an event I catering--I will be cranking out 400 wood fire pizzas tomorrow.



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October 2002
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Loc: houston, tx

Posted: 9/26/2013 2:34:14 PM
I just got off work, but in about an hour a friend and I are going to go to a bakery near us that is having their reopening after the Cake Boss's Buddy V. did a revamp of their place for his new show Bakery Boss.
They will be filming, and the email said we would have to sign releases, so we are hoping to make it on TV! Its our big break!
We worked on that Extreme Home Makeover show a few years ago, but didn't get any screen time....so we are hoping to have better luck this time!

edited to add:
I saw Buddy.....he waved at me! After waiting in line for 2 hours to enter the bakery I would have loved a picture...but no cameras were allowed inside...boo....

PEAceful Pea

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April 2001
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Loc: Washington State

Posted: 9/26/2013 3:07:32 PM
It's day 1 of a four day crop with friends for me.

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September 2002
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Posted: 9/26/2013 6:45:04 PM
had to go to dr this morning for re-check on my blood(Im on a blood thinner and my numbers were WAYY too high Tuesday,so Ive not worked the past couple days).. bloodwork was good. then went to the campus to work in the computer lab,and then to have math class.. took a section quiz, twice before I passed it but I passed it.. then took a unit exam, haha also had to take it twice before I passed LOL but hey they allow re-takes and I did finally pass... so onward to the next section

then came home to do,not nearly as much housework as I needed to but did get some done.. and painted my nails LOL

fixing to head out for something to eat as the 15yr old just got in off the bushhog

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April 2002
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Posted: 9/26/2013 6:48:33 PM
Laundry, chores, phone calls, errands, met a friend for lunch, took little guy for haircut and I am so glad to finally be sitting down!

I live for the applause applause applause...

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October 2011
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Posted: 9/26/2013 6:50:28 PM
working, it's what I do most days. still at work!


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April 2002
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Loc: bay area, calif.

Posted: 9/26/2013 6:57:45 PM
Took down and washed all the curtains today. They always look so pretty when they go back up. micky


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May 2013
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Posted: 9/26/2013 8:07:09 PM
Did some work for class. Now relaxing for the rest of the night!
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June 2004
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Posted: 9/26/2013 9:36:35 PM
Just doing some packing. We're leaving for 3 nights tomorrow to go to the Taj Mahal.


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March 2010
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Loc: Australia

Posted: 9/27/2013 6:58:45 AM
Lunch with my mother.
Writing an application for a job I'd love to get.
Getting ready for a trip to Europe next week.
I love my life.

Happy now?

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July 2004
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Posted: 9/27/2013 7:00:35 AM
I'm having a Pap smear!

You're all jealous. I know it.


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February 2003
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Posted: 9/27/2013 8:09:10 AM
It's homecoming, and I'm the facebook page person for our district. That means I'll be at this afternoon's pep rally taking pictures, and at both football games taking pictures tonight. Then I'll stay up an extra hour putting pics online when I get home.

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