Would you want to recycle to each other on Peas- an idea

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Posted 10/9/2013 by paperkrafter4life in General Scrappin'


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Posted: 10/9/2013 1:10:57 AM
I like others have surplus stuff and I got the idea to maybe post one or two things at a time to see if anybody could USE them- I would donate to the responder, they would just be responsible for shipping.
Anybody interested in a Forum like this..........even ok to post what u might be in need of someone may have it. I would rather give it to another PEA than a thrift shop.............................
Chime in with your thoughts on this.

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Posted: 10/9/2013 5:23:06 AM
Not sure how your voting works, but I would participate in this.

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Posted: 10/9/2013 5:45:59 AM
Isn't this what they do on the for sale or trade board? (serious question, I don't go on there often). Might be a place to set it up though if you wanted to do this. It is a good idea.


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Posted: 10/9/2013 6:57:03 AM
It's a great thought. I spend a lot of time on FSOT and you can usually sell anything on there. Maybe you could Try posting and see if you have any luck.

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Posted: 10/9/2013 8:59:33 AM
The FSOT board often has posts offering items, both for sale as well as RAKs. There's also a Wish/PIF thread that is similar to what you describe except the shipper handles the postage costs.

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