Sure could use some inspiration and ideas for a project!

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Posted 11/13/2013 by peabynature in NSBR Board


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Posted: 11/13/2013 10:21:33 PM
More of a lurker than a poster here, but I sure do enjoy this place. I am a dance Grandma, and help with costumes, props whatever needed for Christmas and Spring recitals. They are hoping I can build a snow globe that a dancer can dance in! I usually figure out how to do whatever they ask of me, but this one is throwing me for a loop!
Thought I had a good idea using basket shrink film, the whole thing pretty much collapsed when I did the shrink process.
Hoping you all might be willing to help me brainstorm, how would you attempt this if it were your project?
Thank you!


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Posted: 11/13/2013 10:34:08 PM
We were just at a pumpkin patch and one of those companies was there that rents inflatables and they had some large clear inflatable "hamster balls"
People get in them, they blow them up and put them on water in a pool. This would be perfect. You could put fake snow in it and it would get stirred up as the dancer danced. Maybe if you live in a big market you could just rent it! Good luck!!!

ETA: they had one of these on CSI tonight but it wasn't pretty for dancing!


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Posted: 11/13/2013 10:40:57 PM
Do the dancers need to get in and out or will the be in one during the whole performance?

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Posted: 11/13/2013 10:51:32 PM
Thanks styxgirl, small market here, in the mountains, but this is a great thought, saw pictures of what you mean. I will try Sac and Carson areas tomorrow. I will be willing to drive down for it if I had to!

freecharlie, one dancer, and she will dance inside for the whole number so, no in and out.


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November 2008
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Posted: 11/13/2013 11:55:17 PM
Wow! Found one to purchase for $5,000! If anyone else has ideas, I will check back tomorrow, getting kind a late. Thanks for checking in.


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Posted: 11/14/2013 5:19:42 AM
No ideas here but sure would love to see the pictures of what you create!

Just had a thought - what about two clear plastic clock faces that she could hold in front of her face? Add chopped up styrofoam peanuts inside to simulate snow? Her costume could be black tights, leotard to represent the base?

Ok - I'm done

Linda - aka MommaHo/Grams
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Posted: 11/14/2013 10:20:43 AM
Thanks Linda! Well I take some comfort in knowing that this one stumps more than just me!
Off to work, for the day will check back later to see if anyone else has some ideas.

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Posted: 11/14/2013 10:34:22 AM
Okay, here is my attempt at explaining my idea. Wish me luck!

How about having someone build a large circle, maybe about 7 ft. in circumference. Mount it on a base to look like the base of a snow globe. If there was a way to have fake snow be blown around her, then as you are looking at the stage it will appear that she is dancing in a snow globe, but she's not. Clear as mud?

Good luck! It sounds like a really cool idea. Give us an update when you get it figured out.


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Posted: 11/14/2013 11:31:00 AM
maybe a hologram?
projected on the snow globe base?

Or if the stage doesn't wrap around
to the sides so you can only see the front angle only, maybe you can
make a cut out of a circle on a large board that will cover the whole opening of the stage and cut a hole for the base to put under the board.
And have the front half of the base in front of the board, and the back in back of it. Then you can have the dancer dance on the base with the snow coming from the top, or blown around with fans that you won't see cause the board will be in the way.
Then just cover the snow globe hole with a piece of glass or plastic, or your shrink wrap on the inside of the wall.
Or if you could find a dome big enough to put on the front.


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Posted: 11/14/2013 11:45:47 AM
I just want you to know that I lost sleep over this last night. I am seriously obsessed with it! LOL

My first thought (I wish I could show you a diagram, uughh I will explain as best I can):
I don't know if there is someone helping you construct this or how elaborate you want this to be BUT I thought if you got a wood base (can be spray painted gold as a base for the globe), hot glue or staple a rubber hose in a circle onto the base. A larger circle (widest circumference of the globe can be another clear hose and then another circle for the top that is the same size as the base circle. Drill holes in the middle circle and the smaller circle. These will be what you would use to suspend the circles from the ceiling. If that's possible. The top circle should have a clear paint tarp attached to it (hot glue?, staples?)before it is suspended from the ceiling,it then goes over the largest circle in the middle and is then attached and stapled tightly onto the base circle. The two ends of the tarp should meet in the middle to allow a slit for the dancer to get in.
Two small fans can be hidden in the base and shredded packing peanuts can be put in there to simulate the snow.

I have no idea if this is even feasible but it was the best I could come up with for an actual globe.

The other idea was if you don't actually go for the full, circular globe shape you can just have a back wall, painted with a snow background, the wall can continue about halfway towards the front, use the walls to attach the clear, plastic tarp and do the same thing with the packing peanuts and fans. KInd of to replicate this kind of "globe":

Sort of snow globe

Sorry that's all I got.

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Posted: 11/14/2013 1:42:37 PM
Fabric stores sell really heavy clear vinyl, the type used to say, make covers to go over brocade chair seats. It comes in widths like 54 inches wide if you will be constructing a circle like some of the fine suggestions from Peas.

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Posted: 11/14/2013 1:52:38 PM
I know they used to make clear vinyl that my parents would put over our windows and then they'd use a hairdryer to make it shrink to fit tightly. Could you make a cage out of hoops (either hula hoops in different sizes, quilt hoops?) and then wrap it in the clear plastic and shrink it.

Otherwise, I had looked at doing a snow globe Halloween costume this year and found this explanation of how they did it: snow globe costume. You may be able to take some ideas from there on her materials and techniques!

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Posted: 11/14/2013 2:11:33 PM
buy one of the blow-up lawn ornaments?


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November 2008
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Posted: 11/14/2013 7:16:45 PM
Thank each and everyone of you for your suggestions! Has truly helped thru my mental block on this whole deal. Truly did not mean for anyone to lose sleep on this, but isn't that how it is when the "creative bug" is trying to fire up?
It is true, the "illusion of a snow globe" may suffice, it really might be possible to get a great effect with lighting, and snow blowing.
The different sized hoops might work too, off to see if we can suspend anything from the ceiling.
That Halloween costume idea is very clever too, and could very possibly do the trick.
The pre-made inflatables are looking more and more appealing, and we might just go that route, if not too noisy.
Since I am only just learning to post, a picture of our finished project seems quite a stretch, but by the time I get this thing figured out, anything is possible, right? Promise to fill you in soon, Thanks again! Linda


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Posted: 11/15/2013 12:02:43 AM
No ideas for you other than I saw some clear tubes in the lighting section of Home Depot. I don't know how flexible they are. What I really wrote for was to tell you if you can figure out how to make a project like this you can learn how to post a picture.

M in Carolina
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Posted: 11/15/2013 8:32:32 AM
I think the illusion might work better.

You might be able to have the dancer dance behind the snow globe frame--like behind a prop with a clear opening for the glass. You could sandwich two sheets of plastic together and sprinkle snow through it with small fans or make handles on each side top and bottom so stage hands could move the snow globe glass and make it "snow"

Kinda like in old black and white movies, it wasn't really raining on the actors, it was in front of them or behind. It's an optical illusion.

I just can't imagine dancing inside one of those hamster balls. That could be a show stealing, scar the poor dancer for life and possibly injur her if it fell and rolled away. I would have been that girl if I had danced.

M in Carolina
nothing could be finer than to be back in Carolina

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Posted: 11/15/2013 8:34:02 AM
Oh, for fake snow in movies, they use dried mashed potato flakes.

My FIL was a sound engineer professor and worked on some Christian movies. It's amazing what they came up with.

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Posted: 11/15/2013 8:50:36 AM
I saw a dance similar to that. They used a spot light and to 'create' the snow the had a 'snow ring' like a filter or lense in from of the spot light. The snow ring was a clear ring with liquid and 'snow' inside so it would swirl as the light was shone thru it and the shadows would dance like the snow of a snow globe. I think the snow ring was made of a giant clear plastic petri dish shaped thing that the bottom and cover were caulked shut one the water and 'snow' were inside.

Good luck. Update us when you figure it out.
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