One of YOUR BEST childhood CHRISTMAS memories~ TELL ME YOURS

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Posted 11/15/2013 by dalayney in NSBR Board

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Posted: 11/15/2013 8:21:22 AM
Thought I would start this thread as another thread just reminded me of one of mine. I would love LOVE to hear everyone elses!

When I was a little girl.... my dad used to work for a company in Norfolk Nebraska called Vulcraft. They had the BEST Christmas parties for the families, in like, the history of the world. No, seriously.

You would get there, and you would automatically get in line for Santa. Now, it was held in what I thought was the biggest Ballroom ever. King's ballroom (which burnt to the ground years ago) The line for Santa took a good 2 hours, at least. I swear I thought there were just thousands of people at this party. (you know how when you're little, everything seems bigger, better and just more of everything. ) I remember always looking up, and when you seen the fancy budwiser Clydesdale light, the one where the horses went around in a circle, you knew you were at the half way mark.

Now, Santa didn't just give away any old presents, he gave away some of the most awesome presents ever. Like my brother got a Walkman when they were pretty new. It blew him away. And I was just giddy with excitement as I was always hoping for one of their dolls. They gave away the coolest "Bradley Dolls", the dolls that had these big cat like eyes, their faces were covered in a type of nylon, and they had these huge dresses that you could fan out and spread over your bed. (but yet, if you looked under their skirt, they either had NO legs? Or these tiny tiny weird proportioned ones) Oh how I loved those pretty dolls. And once you got up to Santa, they just made you feel like a movie star. Picture taken, a good talk with Santa, and he would hand you your toy and a HUGE grocery sized paper sack filled with nuts and candy. As if that wasn't overwhelming enough, you then got to go sit down with your family, and friends, and eat sugar cookies and visit for a while. I have such fond memories of the company Christmas party. And when I was around 8 or 9 and my dad decided to buy his own business, it crushed me. The thought of not getting to go to the Vulcraft Christmas party just made me weep. LOL.

So, what is your favorite Christmas memory?

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Posted: 11/15/2013 8:53:26 AM
I grew up in the deep South, so a "white Christmas" was something I only knew about from magazines and TV shows. One year, I think I was 7 or 8, a storm front came through unexpectedly and dumped nearly a foot of snow on Christmas day. We played outside in short sleeves on Christmas Eve, and woke up Christmas morning to a world covered with this fluffy, glistening snow. It was amazing!

We played outside until we were half-frozen, because none of us even owned any real winter things like boots or snowsuits. We made snowmen and snow angels, had a snowball fight, and even made a snow fort. My mom gathered up clean snow and made snow cream, which all of us loved. The Christmas presents sat unnoticed and unopened most of the day because we were so excited about the snow. I still have a picture my mom took of all of us out in the yard, covered in snow.

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Posted: 11/15/2013 9:02:00 AM
Working at the tree farm! My dad was friends with a man named Oscar Hagg, who owned Hagg's tree farm (for those of you in the Portland area who might know it. ) They have a HUGE farm and a craft bazaar/petting zoo up front. He used to work up there every year. Oscar was getting on in years and I remember him zipping around on his four wheeler, all over the farm. He was the NICEST man. (Off topic: his brother was the man responsible for Hagg Lake here in Oregon!) They've changed hands a couple of times since, and we don't go up anymore...but I'll always have a soft spot for Hagg's tree farm.

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Posted: 11/15/2013 9:14:25 AM
When I was 6, the whole family got new cross country skiis for Christmas. Around 10 o'clock on Christmas night, we all strapped on our skiis and headed out from our front yard (we lived in the country). It was warmish and at one point we plopped down on our backs in a field and watched the Northern Lights.

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Posted: 11/15/2013 9:28:52 AM
The year was 1967, it was Christmas eve and we had just turned 1/2 of our basement into a "Rec. room" You know with the orange carpet, paneled walls and brown couch. Anyway, my parent decided to have a family Christmas party. All my Aunts, Uncles and cousins were there and all of the sudden someone rang the doorbell upstairs.

My great aunt went up to see who it was and came back down with Santa Claus! He mingled around the room, talked with all us kids, had some snacks, then handed out the gifts that everyone had brought.

Then he said he had to leave to make his rounds, he went back upstairs himself and left.

The rest was told to me when I was older:

The next morning my great aunt (who had spent the night) told my Mom what a great idea it was for her to get a Santa to come to the party. My mom apparently turned white and said "I didn't get him to come, I thought you did!".

Calls were made to all the relatives and everyone claimed they had nothing to do with it.

To this day, we do not know who the Santa was who came to our party!


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Posted: 11/15/2013 9:30:54 AM
My centers on food...I always remember all of us sitting around in our pajamas opening Christmas presents, then mom making a huge pan of scrambled eggs with ham-and it was always delicious. It was always so good and everyone was so happy. Those are the "Norman Rockwell" moments I remember. I still crave those eggs with ham like mom made. I just can't even come close...

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Posted: 11/15/2013 10:12:41 AM
When I was 5 or 6, we went to our annual church bazaar. They were raffling off a three month puppy. My older sister was 18 and hinted to the person manning the table that we would be interested.

That night, someone came to the house and said that my middle sister, 11, had won and the brought the puppy right in with them.

There was no way that my parents could back out.

Benji was the best dog, trained within 2 days.

I really enjoyed being a teenager and spending Cmas with my middle sister. She would make a meat pie for Cmas eve, then she & I would go down to the basement and finish wrapping. Her husband had rigged up sleigh bells in the attic that he would ring to get their 2 dds to go to bed. I usually replied to the kids letter to Santa as they weren't as familiar with my handwriting. We would make a chocolate steam pudding with the best alcohol free Hard sauce. But I hated sleeping on the couch as their dog would give me the evil eye and harass me all night.



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Posted: 11/15/2013 10:17:35 AM
Pretty any of my early childhood Christmas'. All the cousins would be together at grandma and grandpas. It was a site to see the livingroom just stacked with presents. At that time most of them were bigger then we were. They always made us wait until after we had lunch before we could open our presents and then it would take forever as they would go around to each person and watch as they opened them all and moved on. I was just talking to my cousin the other day, and we both miss these much simpler times with all of us together. The grandkids are all married now and have kids of their own, so mucher harder to get together these days. We do cherish the times we do though, which is why I'm so excited for next weekend as we are doing our christmas cookie bake.


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Posted: 11/15/2013 10:47:40 AM
My Dad was in the Air Force so we didn't always get to be around extended family during the holidays. When I was in middle school, we were stationed in Italy, so no family to rush off and visit on Christmas Day. My Mom and Dad decided it would be fun to have a scavenger hunt to find one of our gifts . My sister and I each had our own hunt and it took us ALL.DAY.LONG to find that last gift! You know, I don't remember what the gift was but I sure remember running around finding clue after clue looking for it.



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Posted: 11/15/2013 10:53:11 AM
I think I was around 8 and my sisters were 10 (Kris) & 12 (Kim). We had a 3 story house and Kris's bedroom was directly over the garage. After all of our Christmas Eve activities we were shuffled off to bed. At around midnight I hear my sisters whispering in the hallway so I jumped up to see what was going on.
Kris had a bat and was telling Kim someone was in the garage. Kim assured her is was just daddy but Kris had checked and he was in bed. So, Kris with her bat, Kim with a stick and me creeping behind went down stairs. When we reached the door to the garage Kris stood poised ready to strike and Kim was going to open the door. I was hiding behind the couch!
Kim yanked open the door and Kris began swinging, it only took a second or two to see what was making all the noise.
Our new Basset Hound puppy!!!! He came bounding out barking and tripping over his ears.
It turns out he was Kris's present that year and had been living at our grandmother's house for the last 3 weeks. We named him Fred (from Smokey and the Bandit) and for the rest of Christmas Day he chased us all around the house constantly tripping over his big ears and tumbling.

I have so many amazing memories but this has to be my all time favorite!


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Posted: 11/15/2013 11:31:03 AM
The year we had a blizzard on Christmas Eve ... maybe 1980? And the girl who was supposed to be Mary in the pageant at Mass that evening wasn't able to make it through the snow, so I got to step up from my hated role as a sheep to be Mary instead (we lived fairly close to the church).

And the best present I ever got was when my mom made me an entire Barbie wardrobe out of scraps from her regular sewing, and my dad fitted the inside of an antique hard-sided shoe case to be the wardrobe. All those clothes, an awesome carrying case and a new Barbie inside. It was from "Santa" of course, but realizing who really put all that work into my present years later made it that much more special.


my sisters were 10 (Kris) & 12 (Kim).

LOL. I'm Kris and my sister is Kim. But I'm guessing you're not our brother, Scott. Love the story about the puppy.


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Posted: 11/15/2013 11:58:32 AM
Ok, there are two that come to mind.

First and foremost, it is Christmas Eve. My whole family, all 20 of us, gather at my aunt and uncles house. Once there, we have a big feast. The children (ages 35 and under) gather to one room to talk, play games ect. And the adults gather in one room and talk. After a couple of house after dinner and taking, we all gather in the living room and my aunt reads the Christmas Story from the bible. After that is read, all the women open up their gifts and men do the same. (all women get the same gift and the men get their own sphere are gifts. Like cute measuring spoons, 5$ gift cards to lowes)

After that is read and done, we all stick around til midnight and laugh until we hurt. It's almost better than Christmas Day. It's one of the best memories ever!

Secondly, a couple of years ago we had a blizzard on Christmas Eve. Needless to say, we didn't go anywhere for Xmas Eve or Xmas day. It was so great to not have to go anywhere and just soak it in.

Thank you so much for asking this question. I love living those memories.

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Posted: 11/15/2013 11:59:31 AM
I can't think of a specific year, just all the years combined as a kid.
I would always do the same thing.
I would wake up super early (6 or 7 was super early to a night owl)
And I would find my stocking and dig into it and everytime I opened a gift I would run upstairs to my grandparents bedroom wake them up ( the first time ) and joyfully thank them.

That would have driven me crazy if my grandchild opened all their presents without me. But I guess they were cool with it.

My best friend and I would call each other up every time we opened a gift to tell each other what we got. *ring ring* "I got 13 dead end drive!"
*ring ring* "I got super nintendo!" ... grrr lucky girl

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Posted: 11/15/2013 12:15:30 PM

Thank you so much for asking this question. I love living those memories.

And I love hearing them!

Keep em' coming!


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Posted: 11/15/2013 12:50:31 PM
Our family always went to my grandma's house on Christmas Eve afternoon and evening. By the time we returned home, it was nearly midnight, so we started a tradition to open up the presents when we returned home.

(My grandma lived in the same town, so looking back, my mom or dad left my grandma's and drove home and put out our presents from Santa and then returned to my grandma's).

So, one year driving home (this is 10 minute drive at most), we spotted a Santa Claus walking down the street about a mile from our house. He was in full Santa outfit. All of us (the kids) started to cry because it meant that Santa hadn't been to our house yet and we couldn't open our presents when we got home. We were all bummed out and when we got home...

the presents were there!!!! And that was the Christmas that I got 2 board games that I wanted "Mystery Date" and "The Game of Life" and "Rock Flowers" dolls. For some reason I was really excited about it. I think that was the last Christmas that I "believed". This would have been around 1971 or 1972'ish.

I do remember growing up that the local TV station would show "Santa Radar Tracking". Now this was back in the days when basically we had 3 TV stations and no cable, so it was quite exciting to "watch the Santa Radar" on my grandma's black and white TV. Looking back, it was probably so cheesy looking with the black and white radar and they took a paper cutout of a Santa sled and reindeer and shined a light behind.


Also, since the Christmas specials were only on 1 time a year and no VCR/DVD's back then, it was a big deal to watch "Rudolph", "Santa Claus is coming to town", "Little Drummer Boy", "Grinch", etc. I still have a place in my heart to always watch those shows on the DVD's that I now have. Yep, I'm the only one who watches them.

We didn't have much growing up and generally birthday presents were clothes and maybe 1 toy, didn't have birthday parties, etc. Our presents were definitely on the practical side, but we always had pretty good presents, not a lot, but we did get toys along with the clothes at Christmas.


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Posted: 11/15/2013 12:53:02 PM
Mine was from when I was a sophomore in high school. 15 years old. All year long, the only thing I had wanted was a class ring. I knew the chances of getting that were slim to none.

Christmas morning comes along and I'm opening my presents. One of which is a camera. Mom tells me to put the film in my camera and to let her have it. She then gives me another box to open. I open it and it's a box for a ceramic set of praying hands. I got the same thing from a friend the year before. So I said thank you and put it down. Mom started laughing and told me to open that box. Well, at the bottom of the box, under a bunch of newspaper and tissue paper was a smaller gold box. I opened it and inside it was a gift certificate for me to get my class ring!!

I was shocked! I knew my parents didn't have that kind of money. A few weeks after Christmas my dad took me to the jewelry store to pick out my ring. I still remember standing there in that store with him. I love my ring and wore it for years, even after I graduated.

Years later my mom told me how they got the money for my ring. My dad asked around town to get extra jobs just to buy that for me. He was an OTR trucker and was usually gone from Sunday evening until Friday night or Saturday morning, so his time at home was precious. Knowing that makes it even more special to me.

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Posted: 11/15/2013 12:58:32 PM
When I was in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade, we lived in southern Italy. My dad was in the Air Force and we were stationed over there.

The base housing options were not good so we lived off base in a small beach town called Spechiolla. There were a good number of military families that lived in this town in harmony with the Italian natives.

The apartments/condos were all flat roofed so you could travel from one roof top to another.

My dad and several other dads would get together on Christmas Eve right around bedtime for us kids. They would shake these giant sleigh bells and go from roof top to roof top shouting "Ho ho ho...Merry Christmas!"

Man...I tell you...we would get into bed so fast and fall asleep because we knew that Santa would not stop at our house if we were not fast asleep in bed!

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Posted: 11/15/2013 3:08:26 PM
LBP, We had that happen the year our DD was born. We were all gathered at DH's brother's home and the doorbell rang. It was Santa and the Mrs. They came in and gave the kids candy canes, chatted a few minutes and went on their way. We never knew who they were.

My favorite childhood memory was the year I got THREE Nancy Drew books. I don't think I got off the couch for 3 days, reading them one after the other!



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Posted: 11/15/2013 3:16:13 PM
Great memories. Watching the Grinch, Rudolph and Frosty. This was the 60's so we only saw them once a year. Also, we would go out to dinner with our neighbors during the Christmas season to a fancy restaurant - I remember ordering whole Maine lobster and the waiter (in a tuxedo) would put a bid on me with great ceremony.

I also remember going to our grandparent's house in Florida about 9 hours from us and driving through towns pre-interstate and seeing all the Christmas decorations while listening to Bing Crosby and the Andrew Sisters sing It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas. We decorate our Christmas tree to good ole Bing Crosby White Christmas as do our DDs and their families.


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October 2012
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Posted: 11/15/2013 3:38:53 PM
My favorite part of Christmas was always spending Christmas Eve with my grandpa. He always took us out to dinner and then we went to his house to exchange gifts. And my grandpa was blind and did all his shopping on HSN so you were never really sure what you were going to get. Some of his Christmas gifts were really silly, some downright ugly but he was always a good sport about it. It always made for an interesting Christmas. Then we would go over to my aunt's house with the extended family and someone would dress up like Santa and bring presents to all the kids. It was always a lot of fun.


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Posted: 11/15/2013 3:43:43 PM
What a fun thread !

Every Christmas morning, my brother would wake my sister and I up about 4AM - to let us know Santa came. We'd all get up - mom and dad too and see what Santa brought us (he didn't wrap the gifts). Then we'd open our other gifts. We'd stay up and play a little and then about 8 or 9 AM, we'd all go back to bed for a little while.

2 or 3 hours later, we'd get up again, have breakfast, play, go to our neighbors and show our friends what Santa brought us and what he brought them and just have a nice day.

I miss those Christmas mornings we all spent together. Dad is gone now and my brother and sister and I are spread out and have families of our own. It was a special time.


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Posted: 11/15/2013 3:49:19 PM
Mines a really simple moment that is just frozen in my mind. I think I was about 6, so it would have been 1985. My Dad was working nights, so I slept with my Mom a lot. One night I remember, it was snowing and really cold. We were watching The Honeymooners on the bedroom TV, snuggled up, all the animals with us in bed. The bedroom lights were off, and the glow from the Christmas lights on the house came in through the window. I just have the warmest happiest thoughts when I think of that moment.

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Posted: 11/15/2013 6:32:13 PM
OMG I totally LOVE these stories. I feel all warm and gushy just reading them.

Mine is pretty straightforward.

It's Christmas Eve, 1996. Pop! My water breaks and at dawn the next morning, Christmas morning, my beautiful girls were born. I planned everything down to a T - making sure they'd never be born near Christmas and you know what? I could not have had a better Christmas present. To this day, my girls think the greatest thing ever was being born on Christmas. And so do I


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Posted: 11/15/2013 7:44:29 PM
I love hearing everyone's Christmas memories! Christmas is my dad's favorite holiday, so I remember so many details about Christmas growing up. From listening to the Christmas records (think Elvis's Blue Christmas to Kenny & Dolly's Christmas to Remember) on the giant stereo while we decorated the Christmas tree.

Christmas Eve was always our big day. When I was around 7 or 8 Santa started coming to our house on Christmas Eve. We would drive around looking at Christmas lights while Santa came and brought the presents. When I was old enough not to believe it was always comical seeing how my parents would delay our leaving. The kids would go wait in the car for sometimes 1/2 an hour waiting for them to put our gifts out. Sometimes an annoying friend would call, or something else would come up to explain their lateness. My dad would drive so slowly while looking at lights it would drive us crazy! We just wanted to get home and see what Santa brought us!

Christmas morning we always went to church. Then we'd go to my mom's parents' house for lunch (the boring relatives) and my dad's mom's house for dinner (the fun relatives). My grandma did not have much money, but anyone who came to her house got a gift. It could be some McDonald's gift certificates or a small box of chocolates. She always welcomed everyone into her home. Even though we got the more expensive gifts at the first stop, the second stop was always the best part of the day. My grandma passed away last year. I will always treasure my Dollar Tree ornaments and small little trinkets from her.


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Posted: 11/15/2013 10:39:23 PM
Getting my first dog.

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Posted: 11/15/2013 11:01:04 PM
Fun thread

I think I was about 5 or 6. We lived in a super small town and on Christmas Eve drove to a larger town a couple of hours away to be with family. As we were driving, my dad pointed out Santa's sleigh in the sky. I remember being amazed and watching those red lights until I couldn't see them anymore. Years later, I realized it must've been a plane or helicopter but I remember a line of red lights on it so was very believable to me.

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Posted: 11/15/2013 11:40:07 PM
Not so sure if its happy as much as it is silly, but I can remember it like it was yesterday. When we were little and my grandparents would come and stay for Christmas, my brother and I would both sleep in my double bed (I was probably around 7, he was 4) because my Grandpap would sleep in my brother's room, and Grandma would sleep downstairs on the couch.

So, its Christmas Eve and it felt like it was 2 or 3 am and I'm panicking because I SWEAR that my brother has peed the bed (he had and I was NOT going to sleep next to him and a puddle of pee. So here I am lying across the bottom of the bed, TRYING to fall asleep, looking out the window thinking "if I don't fall asleep soon, Santa will NEVER come!!" Because you know, if you don't go to sleep, there will be no Santa!!! Finally my Dad came in to check on us before bed (it was probably around midnight or 1am actually) and he found me at the bottom of the bed, and I kind of cried to him that Santa wasn't going to come because Christopher peed the bed and I couldn't sleep!!

So Dad goes and checks him and here, he was just really sweating a lot and it wasn't pee after So he tucked me back in next to him and Santa DID come after all!!


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