Looking for a broccoli and rice side dish to make in a crockpot

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Posted 12/18/2013 by Quinlove in NSBR Board


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Posted: 12/18/2013 2:05:51 PM
I need one more side dish for Christmas dinner. I would like to make a broccoli, rice and cheese thing in the crockpot. Adding rice would be a plus for picky eaters to get their fill.

Searching the internet really has not proven successful. If anyone has made something like this, please post. I do not have a problem with adding cream of something soup. Thanks so much.

~~ Marianne ~~

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Posted: 12/18/2013 2:41:03 PM
Could you use this one and just leave out the ham? I think it would be fine.

Broccoli rice casserole

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Posted: 12/18/2013 3:30:32 PM
My sister makes THIS one.


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Posted: 12/18/2013 3:30:49 PM
Funny you should ask. My sister makes this one at Christmas and there's never any left. She makes a corn casserole in her crockpot too that I think is from the same website.

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Posted: 12/18/2013 4:54:19 PM
mine is

4 cups of cooked rice
a head of broccoli
cheese sauce.

tossed together, throw in the crockpot.
the heat setting would depend on when you are serving it.

I use cooked rice be cause I never good luck with uncooked rice in casseroles.

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Posted: 12/18/2013 6:26:04 PM
I've made this except with broccoli instead of shredded zucchini. It's really good. I don't have any advice on how to make it in the crock pot instead of on the stove top, though.


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Posted: 12/18/2013 6:32:25 PM
Make it a soup? Brocc cheddar w rice.


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February 2002
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Posted: 12/20/2013 9:04:59 AM
Sorry so late in replying to this - crazy busy here.

Kathy, thanks for posting the recipe that your sister uses. It is exactly what I was looking for.

One less thing to deal with - thanks again.

~~ Marianne ~~

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