Does anyone have the WorkBox Scrapbook organizing system?

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Posted 12/22/2013 by GoBucks319 in General Scrappin'

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Posted: 12/22/2013 10:47:31 AM
Do you find it functional? I have looked at it a couple times, and I'm just not sure! And it is definitely not cheap! Anyone who owns one or seen them in person, feel free to chime in!

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Posted: 12/22/2013 2:08:58 PM
I have one, a work box I bought about 4 or 5 yrs ago. They are great organising systems, plenty of room for everything. Believe me, when I got mine, I was working in several dt's and for two magazines and still had room for it all. Loved it.

They do take up a bit if space though. While it looks neat and compact, when you open
the doors under the desk, you need to have about 2-3' of space.

Right now I still have several empty drawers, so I'm more than happy with the capacity.

If you really have a lot of stuff, and think you may need cupboards above the smaller work box, I might suggest getting the armoire instead. I do also have an island and a apothecary style set of drawers also for my art gear and extra work surface since I stand. But the work box is great to sit and work, use a sewing machine etc.

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Posted: 12/22/2013 5:04:47 PM
I have had mine for 8 years or so and I love it. It holds a ton in an organized way. Love it.

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Posted: 12/23/2013 11:02:26 AM
I have the large cabinet one and love it! I keep my cricut on the fold out table and push it back when I close it. What I love is all my embellishments are there.......ribbon, stickles, chipboard, enamel dots and bling, adhesive, pens, thickers, buttons and all embellishments by themes in the baskets! I like if I am doing a Halloween page for example, I pull out that basket! I have two 8 cubes expedites for paper in cropper hoppers and my desk.

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Posted: 12/23/2013 11:09:02 AM
I want to sell mine but it would have to be in Phoenix and would require a pickup and several strong guys. It is the off white version. I'm downsizing.


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Posted: 12/23/2013 8:27:04 PM
my workbox.
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