Another Fiskars trimmer bites the dust!
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Posted: 12/22/2013 10:06:16 PM
Now is not the darn time for these trimmers to go bad on me. A couple years ago I purchased the smaller one with the wire guide. The wire frayed after a few weeks of use. Sent email to Fiskars and they sent me a replacement. Had that one not even 2 weeks and the wire frayed. They sent me the one with the rotary blade as a replacement. I used it off and one but really didn't like it because I am having to push too hard to get it to cut and I can't see well where I am cutting. The stupid thing doesn't cut straight either! (fibro is killing my arms these days so I need easy on the arms products) So while I was waiting for that one I bought the middle one (has 6 inches before arm comes out...29.99 I think). Worked great until a few months ago when I broke the paper holder thing on the end of it (in other words, the paper holder is too loose to hold it down right).

So then I go and get a replacement cheapo until I can get a better one. Got from HL--I hated it because it stopped cutting straight a few weeks after I got it, and returned it. With that refund, dh decided to just buy the one with the wire, thinking maybe that problem has been fixed since it's been a while.

Today I have been cutting paper for quite a few hours and have changed the blades again. After I changed the blade, my paper started shredding. Look at the blade; nothing stuck in it. Guess what? The darn wire is fraying again. This stinks because I have to make 200 invitations for a quinceneara and January is my busiest month on Etsy for Valentine's Day. Thankfully I cut a bunch of stuff for Val. Day before it got really messed up.

This sounds so greedy, but I hope I get some $$ for Christmas so I can buy a decent trimmer (would like to try cutterpillar--in fact I want to go to A's and see it in person to make sure I am not going to hate it.

There HAS to be a trimmer that won't break unless you throw it in the ocean. There has to be a trimmer that cuts straight consistently, and the best thing, to not have to buy blades!!


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Posted: 12/22/2013 10:24:01 PM
I have had it break twice. One when I was cutting multiple pieces of paper at once (while doing xmas cards) and the 2nd time when I tried to cut chipboard. Do not even think about cutting more then one sheet with this trimmer, and you should be ok. I have had this one for 3 years and no probs.


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Posted: 12/22/2013 10:45:28 PM
I just cut the wire when mine started to fray. There is a little line on the blade that you can line up with where you want to cut. I liked the idea of the wire, but I hate for things to break and interfere with my flow when I'm working, so I'd rather do without the wire than get a new one and have it fray when I'm in the middle of something


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Posted: 12/22/2013 11:01:25 PM
Hm, maybe I will cut the wire and then see what happens. Maybe it'll survive a little while more. I don't even want to buy more blades unless I know the thing is going to work for a while.

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Posted: 12/23/2013 1:38:29 PM
That's a bummer! I've been lucky and haven't had any problems with the wire fraying yet and I've had my trimmer for over a year. I do burn through blades like nobody's business, but the wire is still pretty good.


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Posted: 12/23/2013 7:29:50 PM
I took the wire off mine. it pops right off.
I found the wire was always getting in the way.
It works fine. You just have to be careful lining things up to cut straight. I have found this with all the paper trimmers I have use.
Good Luck!!


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Posted: 12/23/2013 10:19:41 PM
I took my wire off, just snipped it with wire cutters. I like it much better without the wire to be honest!
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Posted: 12/23/2013 10:40:40 PM
I had this same issue -- it frayed within two weeks! I called Fiskars and they sent out a new arm (no blades). Then it did it again -- within 3 weeks. Called again - they again sent a new arm AND blades. The CS rep said that they would keep tracking it, to please let them know if it happened again. They are aware of the problem and if it occurs again, they would send out an entirely new trimmer. I LOVE this trimmer -- love the wire guide, but the issue is annoying. I hope they figure it out soon. This one is doing well -- going on two months so far. I do need to change the blade as it seems to be fuzzy the last few times I used it.


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Posted: 12/24/2013 12:40:10 AM
I cut the wire off and then tried using it again. I am not sure if the blade I put on last night was a new one--because when I went to try it without the wire, it still shredded my paper. I am so annoyed with it, that I don't even want another Fiskars product. I am going to email them after I have dh load the pics so I can send them a picture of it.

Maybe they need to figure out why they are fraying (but it seems like it somehow gets caught near the blade, which could be what's causing the paper to shred).

I am starting to take it personally that I am straight line challenged and that trimmers don't like me!

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Posted: 12/24/2013 9:10:10 AM
It sounds like you really cut a lot. I would invest in a really heavy duty one if I were you (but of course that is expensive). I just use the Fiskars with the wire, but I consider them a disposable product, like adhesive, and I buy several at a time for backup, then when I am down to my last one I just go buy a few more. Keeps me from stressing about it, and face it, if you add up the about of adhesive you use in the time it takes to go through one trimmer (length of time or number of cuts) you really aren't spending more for the trimmer than you do the adhesive.



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Posted: 12/27/2013 6:55:39 AM
I am pretty sure that Fiskars has a great guarantee...maybe lifetime for their products. I would email them again. Or call them again.


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Posted: 12/27/2013 8:43:34 PM
I bought a Cutterpillar Pro trimmer today with Christmas $. I think I might just throw the trimmer out and call it done.
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