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Posted 1/15/2014 by jenettycakes76 in Swap Chat - Secret Pals
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Posted: 4/16/2014 3:34:14 PM
I know this swap was DUE back on April 1 but not sure if/or how many packages may still be heading to their destination. If you've been in contact with Jeanette or need to contact her she will be unavailable for a few days. She has asked me to post this on the swaps she's hosting so since this is still on the board...I'm positng!

Hello everyone~
Some of you, just a few, may know that Jeanette (Jenettycakes76) and I are family, cousins to be exact. As well, you know she's pregnant and when she's pregnant she has a difficult time. This morning she was admitted to the hospital due to some difficulties. Rest assured she and baby will be ok. At this moment she is being stabilized and will be in the hospital for a day or two.

Please continue with the postings and checkins as asked to...Jeanette will be back on when she is feeling better.

If you have any questions regarding the swap you may PM me and I will get you an answer.
Thanks for understanding.



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