project elements in PSE vs. Photoshop

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Posted 2/10/2014 by dollysherpa in Digital Scrapbooking


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Posted: 2/10/2014 9:45:35 AM
I have been dabbling with an old version of PSE (5.0) for a while and I like it. A feature that I found to be especially user-friendly was the ability to drag all of the elements I wanted to use for one project into a viewable box at the bottom of the screen. Does Photoshop have a place to collect things that way as well? I've been trying the program on my new computer and haven't been able to figure that out. Every time I import additional images it seems to want to make them a new project.


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Posted: 2/11/2014 11:21:31 AM
No, Photoshop doesn't have this feature. Since I've never had it, I guess I don't know what I'm missing!


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Posted: 2/11/2014 4:29:11 PM
That's a bummer, but maybe once I get past the learning curve it will seem easier! With PSE I jumped in feet first and started making layouts without taking the time to learn all the bells and whistles. Sounds like it's time to take a step back...

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Posted: 2/12/2014 11:29:58 AM
The project bin is a feature that I really like about PSE too. I'm not sure what PS offers over the newest versions of PSE ( which now have layer masks and text on paths).

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Posted: 2/12/2014 12:02:59 PM
I don't what I would do without the photo bin either, it is so handy!

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