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how do you feel about vacationing without one of your kids?
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old pea new name1,913554/22/2014
Would you take your 3.5 yo to a Broadway show (Lion King)?frostybuns1,0724712:45:23 AM
I know, I know- I'm the over protective parent. Help me cut the cord...pheestand1,998444/22/2014
What is the secret to liking Greek Yogurt?LynnePea1,136384/22/2014
SO - When a child cancels last minute for a birthday party do you keep inviting them?Katlaw1,4803512:23:05 AM
Real Food/Natural Eating peeps -- what satisfies a sweet tooth?kryssy8463312:39:51 AM
I need liberals to explainBevo051,795324/22/2014
S/O of taking a young child to the theater - would you take a young child to see Les Mis?CADoodlebug8473312:08:39 AM
When consequences for your child punish other kids....WWTPD?myshelly1,613304/22/2014
I wonder if Tori Spelling expected this....cdnstorelady4,736341:27:22 AM
Do you eat carrots with the skin on or off?Annabella544214/22/2014
I just binge watched the Lindsay documentary... WOW!Travel soul1,724223:27:57 AM
Finally, some sanity...SCOTUS approves the rights of states to ban affirmative action~Lauren~955212:43:01 AM
So sad - one of my sons friends died this afternoonSimple Crafter1,154202:05:03 AM
What's for dinner? 4/22AKathy276194/22/2014
Getting into a good school, starting with Kindergartencobike762194/22/2014
Leave 17 year old home overnight?scrapohio669194/22/2014
Does the store seem a little lean on products?beamed1,909364/22/2014
low sugar, low carbs, high protein dietsCosmosGreenTornado1,090234/22/2014
The Blacklist -April 21st episode - **Spoilers**Cake Diva770241:45:05 AM
Has anyone used coconut oil for teeth whitening?MLCmom1,522224/22/2014
Fluff: What are your favorite foods to eat at a picnic?ajsweetpea322174/22/2014
Has anyone seen these crazy 8 punches??WorkingClassDog520134/22/2014
how many albums make up a yearrambolina217132:47:50 AM
Going rate for babysitter in your area... Morehappytobemom958214/22/2014
Do you feel you have found your style? What defines yours?imPEAria526274/22/2014
Kansas City, MO and surrounding arealurkingsince2001389144/22/2014
ISO Vegetarian Menu help please - 3 make ahead saladsflanz3421212:23:08 AM
Parenthood Fans: Deleted Scenespeaname459124/22/2014
I DID IT!!!! - I duct taped my planner! Picture heavySmallTownGirlie1,407124:24:02 AM
Scrapping Pet Peeves?Carlie Hamilton299111:59:53 AM
What's Your Biggest Organizational Challenge? What supply is hardest to organize and keep organized?scrappinbetty619194/22/2014
this shirt with fitted dress pants and heels for first interview?
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old pea new name2,499514/22/2014
Need Fence ideas! Neighbors built a huge play fort right by our pool! Need ideas, please
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"The Most Deranged Sorority Girl Email You'll Ever Read"
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Question for those who have built an in-law apartmentBocropcrop1,337184/22/2014
my weight is at a lifetime high and I just can't get motivated.Peanuckle1,007104:39:44 AM
The Colombian's confiscated my HoneyBee's...(unabridged)Robin Gibson428104/22/2014
Do you journal first or last? What works best for you?scrap2bless342274/22/2014
Fluff post: Do you use a dish rack or mat for hand-washed dishes?journey fan906504/22/2014
4/22 Silhouette Subscriptions on Salejunk432127194/22/2014
NYC vacation rentals?scrapulous28394/22/2014
***Tuesday, 4/22 Bloggers & Readers***TracieClaiborne196164/22/2014
Would you eat this, the freezer edition!BEF20081,029294/22/2014
expandable hoseCosmosGreenTornado646121:15:56 AM
This rancher owned the land and the BLM took it.Enough1,051142:39:53 AM
those of you who paint furniture...need some ideasPEAce sign32984/22/2014
31 weekender bag--is the size ok to use as a carry on?KristinL1624384/22/2014
Question for anyone who has ever attached a custom domain name to a Blogger blog.TracieClaiborne8074/22/2014
Side dishes?HoneyBee1332972:11:41 AM
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