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what happened to the portrait challenges?
Post ReplyPost New TopicPosted 2/2/2013 by SherryH1983 in General Photography


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October 2012
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Posted: 2/2/2013 2:26:20 AM
I have not been a member of this board for long but the last time I saw a portrait challenge was November with "what you are thankful for " or something similar to that. But there wasn't a posted challenge in December or January. Why?

I am still learning photography & like getting any kind of feedback & seeing everyone's photos.

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Posted: 2/2/2013 10:27:43 PM
Here is the link to the last one

Looks like Nikki hasn't been active on the photography board since Dec 11th. The challenge just stopped because she was the winner and didn't post a theme and a new thread.

Jeune Girl

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Posted: 2/3/2013 5:45:25 AM
Should we start a new one? Sherry, do you have an idea? Maybe you can propose a new one and get it jump started

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