Please find this dictionary as a resource of terms and abbreviations commonly found on scrapbooking related messageboards such as Two Peas in a Bucket. If you are new to the site, this list will make sense of some of the posts on the message board. When you're logged in, you can add to this list. Please Contact Us to report any offense of inappropriate material.

AAMAll About Me --usually an album created about ones self. --a type of page that is not included enough in our albums!
AF/LFacid-free/lignin free
AFKAway from keyboard
APCAltered Playing Card - decorated but still showing the original number and suit.
aPEAciatepea talk for appreciate
ATCArtist's Trading Card - 2.5" x 3.5" cards decorated and traded with other artists.
ATGAdhesive Tape Gun
avataran icon or representation of a user in a shared virtual reality. Here in the garden, it means the little picture under your name.
BBLBe Back Later
BBSBe Back Soon
bfbest friend
bffbest friend
BFFBest Friends Forever
BHBecky Higgins (creator of Project Life)
BHGThe magazine is Better Homes & Gardens
BILBrother in law
BLBig Lots
BOSBook of Scraps This is a tool the Two Peas provides you with to organize all you favourite LO's, Peas, Soup, etc.
BRBBe Right Back
BTDTBeen There, Done That
BTTBack to the top...When you want to bring a message back to the top of the board for more people to see the topic and respond.
BTWby the way
CFcraftfoam--a rubber-like material that can be cut, embossed & used as stamps & embellishments. Available in sheets & shapes.
CGComputer generated
CHACraft & Hobby Association
CISRefers to large scrapbook totes. Brand name is "Crop in Style."
CJCircle Journal
CKCreating Keepsakes
CKUCreating Keepsakes University A traveling scrapbook workshop put on by Creating Keepsakes magazine.
cropto be with other who enjoy scrapbooking; the act of scrapbooking.
CTMHClose to my Heart- a stamp and scrapbooking company
dbilDear Brother In Law
DboyfDear Boyfriend
DDDear Daughter
DFDarling Fiance
DGSDarling/Dear Grandson
DHDear Husband
DSDear Son
DSDesign Studio (Provo Craft software used with the Cricut machine)
dsilDear Sister In Law
DSODear significant other
DTDesign Team
DWDear Wife
ETAEdited to add
FCFussy cut--to cut out an image in a detailed manner using scissors, craft knife & other tools.
FS or FTFor Sale or For Trade
FWIWFor what its worth...
GCgift certificate
GGGreat Grandma
GGGarden Girl
GJGood Job
GLGood Luck!
GNOgirls night out
HIAHobby Industry Association
HLHobby Lobby
HOFHall of Fame contestant/contest by Creating Keepsakes
HOTPHot Off the Press, a paper and embellishment company.
HSBheritage scrapbook
HTHHope that helps
IIRCif I recall correctly
IMHOIn My Humble Opionion
IMOIn my opinion.
ISOIn search of
ITAI totally agree.
JCIJust Checking in
JKJust kidding!
JM2C Just my two cents
JMOJust my opinion
jsykjust so you know
KWIMKnow What I Mean?
LLWLLying Liar Who Lies
LMKlet me know
LOLLaughing out loud
LSSLocal Scrapbook Store
MBMessage Board
MWMemory Works, a direct-selling scrapbook company
NSBRNon scrapbook related
OAOctober Afternoon
OHOther Half
OMGOh my goodness!
OPOriginal Poster
OTOHOn the other hand
PCProvo Craft
Pea WeeFormerly known as a "Junior Member" at Two Peas...means you've posted 10 or less times
PeaMailA package of goodies from the Bucket
PeaNutsAll of Us
PITAPain in the a**
PLproject life
plmkplease let me know
POTDPicture of the day
POTDPubster of the day
POTUSPresident Of The United States
POVPoint Of View
PPPatterned Paper
PPPaper piecing
PSAPublic Service Announcement.
PUIPeaing Under the Influence (posting on forums while intoxicated).
PVMPlease Validate Me
PWPioneer Woman - a famous blogger (Ree Drummond) who cooks and is very popular with the peas.
QKQuicKutz, a die cutting tool
QVCQuality. Value. Convenience. A shopping channel.
R.A.K.Random Act of Kindness In the scrapbooking world, this is where one scrapbooker does something nice and unexpected for another scrapbooker. For example, sending a Two Peas Gift certificate or giving a bunch of supplies. Makes the recipient feel all warm and tingly!
ROFLRolling on floor laughing
S/OSpin Off
SAHMStay a home mom
SAHWStay at home wife - no kids
SAHWStay at home wife - no kids
SBRScrapbook related
SCStudio Calico
SCALSure-Cuts-A-Lot (a software program often used along with the Cricut machine)
scrapliftcopying a layout that catches your eye.
SILSon-in-law/ Sister-in-law
SMHShaking my head
SOSignificant Other
SSSimple Scrapbooks - A monthly and/or bi-monthly scrapbook magazine
SSSimple Stories, a scrapbooking manufacturer
StamPeaA Pea who posts on the stamping forum & (often) shares examples of their projects.
STJSweet Tiny Jamie = an exclamation similar to OMG.
SUStampin' Up - a direct sales comany that has stamps, ink pads and papers and some scrapbooking
TFLThanks for looking
TFSThanks for sharing
Thread Killerthe last person to post to a thread
ThreadsA string of posts that ar tied together with a common theme
TIAThanks in advance
TMIToo much information!
TOUTerms of Use--usually posted on a thread on the message boards when someone thinks a post violates the terms of use of the boards
TrollA person participating in the site with the purpose of causing irritation or disruption
TTCTrying to Conceive
TYVMAbbreviation for thank-you very much.
vellumA kind of tracing paper which tones down the color of te object behind it. Usually plain but can also be colored and patterned.
WDTPT ?What Do The Peas Think ?
WDYTWhat Do You Think?
WSTPWhat Say The Peas? (what do you have to say on this subject)
WSTPWhat Say The Peas? (what do you have to say on this subject)
WTGWay to Go! (Meaning Good Job!)
WWTPDWhat Would The Peas Do?
WWYDWhat Would You Do?
YMMVyour mileage may vary (i.e., your experience may be different than mine)
YVWYou're very welcome!
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