Mom and Me
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TypeTitleDate Submitted
Quotes ...a Mom is with you in spirit and in love.2/28/2004
Poems ...I had a mother who read to me.2/11/2004
Quotes ...Open your child's imagination. Open a book.2/11/2004
Quotes A boy's best friend is his mother.2/28/2004
Misc. Inspiration And I hope you won't ever forget that...2/28/2004
Poems Channels 2/28/2004
Titles I Remember Mama2/11/2004
Lyrics Mother's Heart7/16/2001
Poems Mother's Rose2/9/2004
Quotes My lovely living life, my joy2/27/2004
Quotes... but his mother the longest. 12/27/2003
Quotes... I saw the woman who helped me give birth to myself.11/1/2003
Quotes...A mother's secret hope outlives them all. 12/27/2003
Poems...And of all the lights...the brightest one is you.11/24/2003 the kitchen with Mommy...3/13/2003
Quotes...Mother o' mine, O mother o'mine.12/27/2003 with me.7/27/2003
Misc. Inspiration...the caretakers of hope...9/16/2002
Quotes...You who are more than mother unto me.12/27/2003
PhrasesA Girl's Best friend6/22/2001
Poemsa mother1/20/2002
LyricsA mother is not...1/2/2002
PhrasesA mother understands5/21/2001
PhrasesA Mother Understands...4/21/2004
Misc. InspirationA mother's heart10/8/2003
PoemsA Mother's Love (A different one)9/28/2002
QuotesA mother's love for her child is like nothing else...4/19/2003
QuotesA mother's love liberates.8/16/2002
PoemsA Mother's Love.....11/9/2002
QuotesA mother....12/4/2004
PoemsA part of you has grown in me...3/12/2003
QuotesAll that I am5/18/2001
PoemsAs You Grow 6/14/2005
QuotesBanana (silly)3/1/2004
Phrasesbecause thats the kind of mom you are5/18/2001
PoemsBefore I Was a Mom....3/3/2002
PoemsBeing A Mom......5/1/2003
QuotesBeing a mother12/30/2003
Misc. InspirationClean Underwear10/13/2002
PhrasesDaughters often come 6/5/2003
Misc. InspirationDear Mom9/22/2001
PoemsDeeper love, more than a friend...1/9/2003
Misc. InspirationDefintion of a mother1/13/2004
QuotesEach day of our lives we make deposits ...12/27/2003
PoemsFrom the Beginning... 9/21/2002
LyricsGood Enough10/23/2003
LyricsGood Night My Angel ( Lullabye)5/24/2001
QuotesHelp mom with the dishes6/9/2004
Misc. InspirationHindsight10/13/2002
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