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Quotes In the south, you can't marry a man until...3/1/2004
Quotes O month when they who love must love and wed.2/28/2004
Misc. Inspiration"Do you promise?" she asked...2/15/2004
Quotes"Never doubt I love"11/5/2002
Poems(Come Live With Me...) The Passionate Shepherd to His Love10/24/2001
Lyrics(My) Endless Love1/30/2002
Quotes. . . the wisdom of compromise . . . 11/11/2003
Quotes... am I beautiful because you love me?10/15/2003
Quotes...a place where I go....4/9/2001
Quotes...happy are they who enjoy ...6/11/2001
Quotes...I would like to be the air..7/31/2003
Phrases...light up like the night...7/26/2001 from one being to another can only be that...1/11/2004
Misc. Inspiration...Love never ends.6/4/2003
Quotes...loved and supported...2/27/2003
Quotes...made perfectly to be loved8/3/2003
Quotes...marry the person who you cannot live without.6/4/2001
Poems...on Marriage (Kahlil Gibran)5/28/2001
Quotes...the pledge to love and cherish3/26/2003
Quotes...want to be a woman's first love8/3/2003
Quotes...with a kiss let us set out...4/9/2001's best bargain4/9/2001 want the rest of your life to start as soon as possib12/27/2003 is the affection in a kiss that sanctifies it.10/19/2003
QuotesA contract of eternal bond. . .8/19/2003
Titlesa couple more titles11/11/2003
PhrasesA Diamond is Forever!5/18/2001
QuotesA good marriage is one which allows for change and growth...3/7/2003
QuotesA happy marriage . . . 11/11/2003
PhrasesA happy wife9/15/2002
Quotesa heart as soft5/14/2001
TitlesA Kiss to Build a Dream On4/15/2003
PhrasesA Little Girls Love2/18/2003
LyricsA Marriage Prayer3/17/2003
Misc. InspirationA new day8/8/2001
PoemsA Perfect Love7/20/2004
Misc. InspirationA Pledge (wedding vows)2/4/2004
Phrasesa pledge of love4/21/2003
PoemsA Wedding...8/23/2002
Misc. InspirationABC weddings8/30/2005
Misc. InspirationABC's of a Christian Marriage7/14/2005
LyricsAll I Ask Of You (from The Phantom of the Opera)5/17/2001
LyricsAll My Life5/8/2002
LyricsAll Of Me8/24/2001
LyricsAll of my life11/4/2003
Misc. InspirationAlong the way11/13/2002
QuotesAn ecstasy is a thing that will not go into words...10/26/2003
QuotesAnd here is my heart which beats only for you.2/23/2004
LyricsAnd I Love You So5/17/2001
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