Fourth of July
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Quotes cured by what is right with America.3/2/2004
Quotes ...Freedom! yet thy banner, torn, but flying...2/28/2004
Poems American Flag (As red as a fire, as blue as the sky...)6/27/2001
Poems Fireworks (The finest rockets ever seen...)3/2/2004
Quotes Freedom has its life in the hearts, spirits of men...3/2/2004
Quotes Freedom is the oxygen of the soul.3/2/2004
Quotes It is easy to take liberty for granted...3/2/2004
Quotes Let freedom never perish in your hands.3/2/2004
Quotes This is America. You can do anything here.2/28/2004
Phrases. . . if freedom fail?7/22/2003
Quotes...a more optimistic holiday than July Fourth...8/23/2003
Quotes...blessings of freedom...6/28/2001
Misc. Inspiration...from a symbol6/27/2001
Phrases...Home of the Brave6/28/2001 native land!9/23/2001 flag from sea to sea.10/8/2002
Poems...Our Country's Banner6/27/2001
Quotes...spare your country's flag...3/9/2003
Quotes...success of liberty.6/27/2001
Poems...the flag pass by6/27/2001
Quotes...the peace your valor won...9/23/2001
Quotes...the principle of free thought...3/11/2003
Titles100% All American Made Boy3/5/2005
Titles4th of July Titles (Long List)6/29/2003
Titles4th titles (lots)4/10/2001
TitlesA Bang Up 4th!6/30/2001
QuotesA man's country... 9/23/2001
PoemsA Patriot4/12/2001
QuotesA patriot must. . .6/25/2001
PoemsA Patriotic Creed 6/28/2001
PoemsA Patriotic Wish 6/28/2001
QuotesA ray of bright glory. . .9/13/2001
PoemsA Song for Our Flag7/5/2003
TitlesA star-spangled kind of day5/4/2003
TitlesAll American Girl4/15/2003
QuotesAmerica did not invent human rights. In a very real sense...2/9/2004
PoemsAmerica for Me 6/28/2001
QuotesAmerica is a land of opportunity and don't ever forget it.5/11/2003
QuotesAmerica is another name for ...10/31/2003
QuotesAmerica is like a powerful song sung by a great chorus. It i5/11/2003
QuotesAmerica is the greatest nation in the history of the world. 3/24/2004
QuotesAmerica is the only idealistic nation in the world.3/24/2004
QuotesAmerica means opportunity, freedom, power. 3/24/2004
LyricsAmerica the Beautiful5/16/2001
PoemsAmerica was not built on fear. America was built on courage,2/25/2005
PhrasesAmerica's Freedom Fabric 6/27/2001
PhrasesAmerica's Freedom Festival6/27/2001
PoemsAmerica, Beloved Land...10/26/2002
QuotesAmerica, my friends, is the only country in the world actual2/28/2004
TitlesAmerican Beauty4/19/2003
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