What Are Tags?

“Tags” are labels that members add to describe projects, layouts, or any other piece of content you’ll find on Two Peas in a Bucket. They make finding related items easier for other members. For example, if you see a layout you admire because it has a lovely floral pattern, and you want to see more like it, you can click on the tag “floral” and you will find all items that have been tagged as having a floral pattern or design.

You and all Two Peas members can tag your items with any word or phrases you think are relevant, and there is no limit to the number of tags you can add. We offer a standard list of tags that you can simply click on to describe your item. These terms include 12x12 (to indicate the paper size of your project), birthday (to describe a theme) and ribbons (to indicate the materials you’ve used). You can also add new words not on the standard list to give more detail or to highlight unique features of your work. By tagging your projects, you help other creative members find your work and gain inspiration from it.

The “Tag Cloud” shows all the words (or tags) that match that item. The most common tags appear in larger text; less common tags appear as smaller text. You can click on any word in the cloud to see all items that are tagged with that word. For example, for this layout, the tag cloud includes the tags “baby,” “girl” and “ribbon” because all of these elements are part of this layout. By clicking on one of the tags, you’ll automatically be linked to other product and designs that have the same tag.

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