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How do I use Gift Certificates?
Here's how to use a gift certificate at Two Peas:

1. Register for a primary account if you don't already have one.

2. Login on the homepage.

3. Proceed to the shopping section and put together a bucket of products.

4. When you've put together everything you want, view your bucket to make final adjustments and set your billing and shipping address.

5. At the bottom of your cart you should notice a field where you can enter your gift certificate number. Once you have entered this, you will be taken to a screen where you are able to enter your email and password provided on the gift certificate. Enter it exactly as shown on the certificate, even if there is an error in the syntax, etc.

6. When you are returned to the Bucket View screen, you should see the credit listed as a negative number. If all is well, click on 'continue and checkout'.

7. If there is an amount still due, you must enter a credit card or send a PayPal payment.

8. Should you decide not to use your entire gift certificate, the balance will sit in your account and work like an in-store credit. It won't be necessary to enter in the gift card information again.

That's it!

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