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How do I add a picture to my message board posts?

First you need to have a picture uploaded online somewhere. You can use your own or find an image online that you like. Many free hosting sites (such as yahoo and geocities) will not let you link a picture to another site, so if you try to use a picture on one of these sites, you'll just end up with a red X in a box. Please do not post profile pictures in the PeaNut Gallery. Profile pictures posted in the gallery will be removed.

The size of the image that appears on the board is 65 pixels wide and 75 pixels high. The picture that you use should be that exact dimension or the site will slow down significantly.

When you have the picture uploaded, you need to get the URL for the picture (the part that starts with http:// and ends in .jpg). The method for doing this differs depending on which browser you are using.

In Internet Explorer, hold your pointer over the picture and click the right-hand button on your mouse (if you are using a Mac, see below). This opens up a little fly-out menu. Choose "properties" (at the very bottom). This will bring up a box of information about the image. Find the URL (Address) in the middle of the box. Highlight the URL text. Right-click on the highlighted text and choose "copy" from the fly-out menu.

When using a Mac, the right-click function is done by clicking on the picture and holding the button down until the fly-out menu pops up.

Make sure that you get the URL for the image and not for the web window. An image URL does not end in ".html".

Once you have the URL for your picture, go to the Service Center and click on "Edit My Profile" (or, if you are logged in, click here). Under the User Preferences section, you will see a box on the right side that says "Profile Picture URL." Paste the URL into this box. Scroll down to the bottom and click "update." You can change your picture at any time by entering a new URL and updating.

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