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Private layouts and private albums
When you post a layout in the gallery, you have the option of making it private. Check the "private" box if you do not want your layout to show up in the main gallery listing.

The only way to make a private layout viewable is to put it in an album. You can do this when you first post it, or go back and add it later. If you go to the customer service center and click on "edit your layouts," you will see a list of all your layouts, including private ones.

An album can also be made private and protected with a password. When you create an album, check the "private" box and enter a password in the password box. The album will not show up in your gallery listing with your other albums.

Creating a private album is a good way to share your layouts with those you want to share with, but not with the whole world. In order for someone else to view your album, they will need the password and the album ID number. You can find this number on the album maintenance screen. Go to the customer service center and click on "edit your albums," then find the album you want and click "edit". The ID number will be right at the top of the album information. Send this number and password to your loved ones. If they go to your gallery listing they can enter the number and password in the appropriate spaces, and view your private album.

A private layout need not necessarily be put in a private album. You can add a private layout to a public album, and then it will be viewable by anyone looking at that album, but will not show up in the main gallery.

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