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Using the Book of Scraps/Bookmarks
Bookmarks are a way for you to collect favorite layouts from the Member Gallery without taking up space on your hard drive. You can also bookmark quotes from Pea Soup, items from the Designer Garden, threads on the Message Boards, or products from Shopping.

You must be logged in to access your bookmarks. If you get in the habit of logging in right away when you come to the site, you will be able to save anything you want at any time.

After signing in, the bookmark icon will be on most pages which allow for a bookmark. If you ever have trouble bookmarking something, please put in a service ticket from the service center at the bottom of our website, and we would be happy to help.

You can view your bookmarks from anywhere on the site. Simply hover over your username in the upper righthand corner, and click on "Bookmarks" in the drop down menu which appears. Choose a category to view (Members, Projects, Products, MB Posts, or Blog Posts). This will bring up all the items you have saved within that category.

There is no limit to the number of bookmarks you can add. If you find your collection quickly expands to a bewildering array, you can create your own folders to further organize the contents of your book. Click on "create new folder" from the left-hand side menu. To change or delete any of the folder names, click on "Manage folders."

When you add an item to your bookmarks, it automatically goes into the "unfiled" category. If you have created a folder named "birthday cards" and you want to move that item to your birthday cards folder, check the box under the item, select the folder and click on "move checked."

When you view a folder, by default the category of "members" will display first. If you are viewing a folder where you've not filed a member, it will show "you have nothing here." Click on a different category to see your bookmarked items.

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