Two Peas Frequently Asked Questions

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Linking to Individual Layouts
In order to link someone to a specific layout in the Gallery, first you will need to get the URL for that layout. If you have the layout open, copy the information in the address bar at the top of your screen. It will look something like this:

You can e-mail this URL to someone, and they should be able to click on it and go right to the layout.

To post a link on the message board, you can use the "Insert PeaCode" buttons that appear below the box where you type your message. Click on the button that says URL. A box will pop up that says "Enter the complete URL for the link you wish to add." Paste the URL into the box. Click OK. Now enter the text for your link (the title of the layout, or "click here," or whatever you want it to say). Click OK again. A code will appear in your message box that looks something like this:

[url=]Two Peas in a Bucket[/url]

When your message is posted, the coding will magically appear as a clickable link, like this: Two Peas in a Bucket

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