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Scanning and Stitching 12x12 Layouts

Unless you are one of those lucky people with a huge scanner, you will have to scan your page in pieces and then put the pieces together.

Getting a Good Scan

Layouts that are posted in the PeaNut Gallery should be 400-500 pixels wide and 72 dpi, but you will get better results if you scan at a higher resolution to start with and then reduce before you post.

As you scan one side and then the other, make sure your layout is lined up as straight as possible on the scanner bed. If one side scans crooked, you will not be able to get the two sides to match up right when you go to put them together.

Make sure the settings on your scanner do not change between scans, or you may see a color difference between the two sides. You can also get a shadow effect if the layout is lifted up off the scanner bed on one side. Dimensional layouts may be difficult to scan for this reason.

Legal-size scanners are 8.5"x14" and will easily scan a 12x12 layout in two passes. Letter-size scanners are only 11" long, so you will need to decide whether you really want to scan the page four times or just leave off half an inch at the top and bottom of your layout.


Many graphics programs have an automatic stitching function. Look in the help section for "merge" or "panorama." If your program does not have an automatic stitching function, you may still be able to stitch manually using one of these methods:

A) Scan side A and side B. Create a new canvas with enough room for both images. Copy side A and paste onto blank canvas. Copy side B and paste onto blank canvas, next to side A. Move the two images around and line them up as best you can, then zoom in close on the seam and fine-tune. You may be able to use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move an image a few pixels at a time. Crop out any white space and save.

B) Scan side A and side B. Change the canvas size on side A to a square, so that it has the image on one side with a blank space next to it. Copy side B and paste into the blank space next to side A. Align as above.

Some programs will not let you create a new canvas or change the canvas size of an existing image. These are very limited programs and will not stitch.

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