Two Peas Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I shop at this site?

Once you've done it once, it should be pretty easy. Here are the steps!

  1. First, you need to be a user on the site. You can register for a user account on the home page. We require a user account because we link so much functionality to your user account. Your shopping cart (called a bucket here) is persistent. The items you select will stay in your bucket for as long as you want and don't disappear when you logout. You can even name your buckets and have multiple open at one time! To manage your buckets or view your order history, visit the 'my shopping' section located in the second horizontal menu bar from the top.
  2. Now that you're a user, you need to login before shopping. Our site is much like window shopping before you login. You can see the products we carry, but you can't start shopping until you login and go inside! You should be able to login on just about any page on the site.
  3. As you go through our products in the shopping section, you'll see buy buttons for the products in stock. Just enter the number of products you want and click the 'add to cart' button. The product is now in your bucket! Should an item go out of stock between the time you've put it in your bucket and the time you check out, the cart will change the quantity of the item to zero and highlight it in red the next time you view it.
  4. If you are looking for a particular item, we recommend narrowing down your search by using the 'search in current results' function. For example, if you are looking for a pink alphabet sticker set by American Crafts, first select the brand in the left-hand 'search by' box, then the product category (stickers), and finally, type in 'pink' in the search field, making sure you've checked the 'search in current results' bubble. You can also narrow your search by clicking on a search filter like collection, category, price, and more!
  5. If you come across a sold-out item that interests you and would like to be made aware of when it is available again, just click the 'notify me' link under the thumbnail. When we receive this product back in stock, our system will automatically send you a message to the email address in your profile making you aware it is available for purchase. Please note the scrapbook industry changes over product quickly and we cannot guarantee that we are able to reorder every item we've carried.
  6. When you're all done shopping, you can click on 'view cart' located at the top left. On the bucket screen, you can update the quantities of the products in your bucket. Just be sure to click 'update.' When you're ready to checkout, just click 'continue and check out.' Review your billing and shipping address. Decide if you would like to purchase insurance. Proceed to the payment screen and submit your order!
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