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12x12 Photo Protector Holds 6x4 & 3x4 by American Crafts


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12x12 Photo Protector Holds 6x4 & 3x4
Providing the perfect fit for both your pages and albums, our top loading page protectors feature high clarity plastic and versatile, reinforced holes. They conveniently fit both D-ring and post bound albums. Includes 10 pages.

American Crafts superior quality albums are available in four unique styles: corduroy, modern, cloth and leather, most of which offer both the secure, interlocking D-ring and post bound binding systems. All of our albums are made with the finest materials and are completely archival. With a variety of colors and sizes to suit your taste, our albums are at the top of many must-have lists.
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Quality very poor
By irknoffel on 07/25/13 at 05:29 PM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
Most of the stitching on the pages opened up, so the cards and photos are all falling through. :( i did expect them to last longer then a few weeks.
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