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4X6 Sn@P! Just The Basics Cards by Simple Stories


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4X6 Sn@P! Just The Basics Cards
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$4.99 $1.25
24 double sided sheets per pad
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sorry cannot due to still looking for them
By BelleRod on 03/28/14 at 12:36 AM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
I've had this item before and due to being ill my doctor said I've had another mini stroke and my wonderful husband who's been working out of home dose not open any of my packages we do them together is the reason why I asked him to order some more thinking I might have deleted this item. I have five different scrapbook that need to complete and this item work well as back ground affect with some of my pictures that are considered randem shots and due to my other illnesses what took me an hour to do now takes me almost a month. My husband and my youngest daughter support me to doing my favorites scrapbook cause it's help me in many ways. At times I wish my husband would have not retired from his military side of almost twenty eight years. Do hope to send my a few soon.
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