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Jamestown Vellum 12X12 Atlantic Paper by Studio Calico


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Jamestown Vellum 12X12 Atlantic Paper
Part of the Atlantic collection.
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12x12 inch sheet of printed vellum
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By PennyPaws on 05/17/13 at 08:34 PM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
Such an amazing vellum! The white stars and dotted lines connecting them are so crisp, and constellations are both so popular right now and such a great 'basic' pattern that can be used with just about anything...
Absolutely beautiful star-pattern
By tsabhira on 09/11/13 at 05:53 PM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
Liked it so much I came back for seconds. I married an astronomer, so the night sky comes up on my projects often. Would be perfect on Christmas LOs too!
By mpcapistran on 08/29/13 at 01:38 PM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
Could be used in so many ways!! Beautiful!
By ILoveGEM on 07/24/13 at 07:00 PM
I love this vellum to the stars and back!
Stock Up!
By planetdorth on 07/24/13 at 05:33 PM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
This is the first time in a while that I've fallen in love with a patterned vellum that I cannot get enough of. I use plain vellum sheets in my layouts pretty consistently, but now that I've used this paper, with the subtle stars, I can't go back to the plain! The pattern creates such beautiful movement behind photographs. I hope to see more vellum sheets like this one.
I may have bought multiple sheets
By Sorosie on 06/05/13 at 06:33 AM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
It simply beautiful in person and I wanted to have some extra on hand so that I can use it without fear of running out !!
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