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Scrapbook Stamper's Workshop by Two Peas


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Scrapbook Stamper's Workshop
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Learn to stamp on your layouts! Join Garden Girl Jen Gallacher for this self-paced, comprehensive course focusing on the following five stamp design styles: open, solid, alphabet, sentiment, and background stamps. Download the helpful 62 page "Scrapbook Stamper's Workbook" which includes five instructional chapters, 50 stamping tutorials, and 50 brand new page samples with complete supply lists and step-by-step instructions. Five helpful chapter videos are also included which walk you through each of the 50 stamping tutorials. The workbook and videos are designed to work hand-in-hand, helping the student become more comfortable with stamping on scrapbook layouts. Whether you're a cardmaker looking to make the transition to scrapbooking, or whether you want to learn more about stamping on your layouts, this class is for you!

The content of this workshop will be available immediately upon purchase. The lessons are available for you to work at your own pace and upon purchase can be accessed in the "Workshops" section under "Classes & Events." A private message board forum is also available to ask questions for Jen and to connect with other participants. Enjoy!
Ratings and Reviews
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Michelle Mostert
By Michelle Mostert on 07/17/12 at 04:52 AM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
A great workshop with lots of ideas on how to use your stamps in scrapbooking, but not much new on actual techniques. If you have never stamped it may not be for you.
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Stamping Fun
By di_turner on 06/27/12 at 06:31 PM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
Great stamping course. I always wanted to make better use of my stamp collection. Jen provides excellent easy to follow instructions, and provides you with loads of inspirational layouts, which are also included in handouts for reference. I recommend this course to any scrapbooker who wants to make better use of their stamps on their layouts!
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No Longer Afraid to Stamp!
By kcwow87 on 06/20/12 at 07:07 AM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
Jen is a top notch stamper/scrapbooker and I love her videos. She has really helped me add alot to my scrapbooking. I am now stamping something on every page I do. I never realized how much fun it is! Again, I find the printable PDF's to be lacking. They haven't really helped me at all. Maybe your team needs to come up with a different format. I am still giving this five stars because her videos have really spurred me into action! Keep these workshops coming. I am looking forward to a new batch to choose from.
1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
By HattieHen on 05/23/12 at 03:18 AM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
I found this workshop really motivated me to get more use out of my stamps. I'm usually too nervous to use stamps on a layout in case I don't like the result and it ruins my pages, but so far - success!
Great ideas
By fi21 on 05/09/12 at 12:51 AM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
I now hope to use my stamps more in my layouts!
1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Not just for beginners!
By marie516 on 05/05/12 at 01:13 PM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
I've been a a stamper for a number of years and I have run out of ideas of how to get creative with my stamps....until I signed up for this class! There are so many fresh ideas that I hadn't thought of to use my stamps! It's exactly what I needed! The pdf's are adorable and they are very easy to understand. I love how Jenn put the type of stamps by category instead of categorized techniques. Much easier for me to find ideas for certain stamps I have in mind that I want to use. Thank you Jenn! This class is awesome and worth every penny!
1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
lots of ideas
By tpgirl on 04/24/12 at 06:58 AM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
This workshop has lots of great stamping get the most out of the stamps you already own....the ideas can easily be used with a variety of stamps...the examples aren't so specific that you have to run out and buy a ton of new stuff. Although I have bought a new background stamp so I can try the examples in that chapter next. Great job Jen!
2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
scrapbook stamper's work...
By angelwhite on 04/20/12 at 05:11 AM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
geared towards someone who is new to stamping. I've been a stamper for years, so I didn't learn anything new. Great layouts though. I wish I knew it was for beginners, especially at the price.
2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
Scrapbook stamper's workshop
By jerrigri on 04/16/12 at 11:06 AM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
I'm fairly new to stamping. I would've liked a discussion on the different type of inks: pigment, dye, chalk looking at the pros and cons of the drying times, etc. Also, a longer look at the finished projects and how the stamping was incorporated into the layout would help. Lots of good ideas and I'll be trying them out.
great class
By janen on 04/16/12 at 10:18 AM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
Have watched all the videos, there is so much in them I will be returning to them again and again. Can thoroughly recommend this class
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