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Divide & Conquer Mini-Workshop with Lisa Truesdell by Two Peas


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Divide & Conquer Mini-Workshop with Lisa Truesdell
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If you have the best intentions with mini albums – but not the best follow through – then it’s time to Divide and Conquer! Garden Girl Lisa Truesdell will walk you through the steps of using divided page protectors to turn a hodge podge of memorabilia and photos into a beautifully finished mini album. We’ll explore putting together a kit to work from, selecting what photos and keepsakes will make the cut, and fun techniques perfect for this style of book. Lisa also has lots of tips on keeping your motivation up & making the process fun until the last embellishment is in place, and will be sharing a peek at additional sample layouts from three other contributors, each working with a different themed album.

This self -paced workshop will let you work at your own speed through the chapters – each chapter is accompanied by a helpful PDF walking you through the process and a 10-minute video sharing a closer look at how Lisa’s album came together. These videos are technique-based and will explore creating a die-cut cover, working with transparencies to build a two-sided layout, making custom sized page protectors and techniques for working with pockets.

Lisa is using the Simple Stories Documented 6x8 Mix & Match Mini Album available for purchase separately, however, these same principles may be applied to an album of any size using divided page protectors. Lisa also provides a detailed supply list in the Chapter One printable PDF.

The content of this workshop will be available immediately upon purchase. The lessons are available for you to work at your own pace and upon purchase can be accessed in the "Workshops" section under "Classes & Events." A private message board forum is also available to ask questions for Lisa and to connect with other participants. Enjoy!
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
AWESOME class and value!!!
By borcherding on 06/24/12 at 09:37 PM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
This class can NOT be beat for $12.00. Lisa offers tons of tips and great videos and pdfs. The Picasso tip alone was worth the money! Seriously, if you love Lisa's style sign up NOW for this class. I guarantee you will NOT be disappointed. I have taken other classes for more money and felt like I never learned anything but just watched them put their layouts together and just paid for the "name"... This is one class purchase that I am not disappointed and honestly, the best $12 I ever spent!! Thank you Lisa and 2Peas!!
2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
this is a fantastic class!
By ellymew on 06/24/12 at 08:23 AM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
especially for the price! i sometimes find making a mini album somewhat daunting, and she helps take away that feeling of the whole thing being too overwhelming. the third video was my favorite, as she packed so many fun ideas and tips into it. she's amazing and i'm so grateful for this class.
2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
Such a Fun Workshop!
By julie_stamps on 06/21/12 at 10:00 PM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
I love the thought of mini albums, but sometimes feel too overwhelmed to even begin. Lisa does such a great job of breaking down the process so that it's no longer daunting. Her examples are so clever & creative & I love the included videos. There are some great bonus techniques found in each chapter. This class is perfect for Silhouette owners, but Lisa also demonstrates alternatives for those who don't have a digital die-cutter that are just as fun. Great price. Great class. :)
By cutiepiechan on 03/25/14 at 08:44 PM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
If i"m being totally honest, I thought this class was a TOTAL waste of money. There were only three parts. The first part was how to create a photo collage (I could have found that on youtube), the second part was just as 'generic'. and to haver a whole chapter based on 'plan', was kind of silly--it would have been much more helpful to have tips on HOW to plan, or what ways you could plan the album. Different approaches, how to use your photos to guide the planning process etc. I really love Lisa Truesdell's style, but as I said above, I could have found all the content on youtube for free. I'm really frustrated that you saw so little of the actual album coming together, and that there were really no unique tips or tricks to help you get an album completed. I wish I could get my money back
By debra_e on 07/04/13 at 07:18 PM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
Great Workshop. Packed with heaps of info and creative ideas. Awesome value!
Divide & Conquer Mini Workshop with Lisa Truesdell
By scwins on 05/30/13 at 12:39 PM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
I loved this workshop. I was able to create a mini book and loved the results.
By Brickle on 01/25/13 at 01:26 PM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
Absolutely loved this class. Very sad that Lisa is no longer a garden girl but I'll definitely be following her blog. This class made me so inspired that I'm starting a new mini album right now. I love her style and of course, all the confetti!
Lots of info for the Price
By Whosthischick on 10/12/12 at 05:04 PM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
I thought this ws a great little mini-workship but packd in alot of information to make my minis. Very well thought ot and great pdfs.
Great mini workshop!
By doesitmatter? on 09/02/12 at 06:39 PM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
I loved that this class was smaller in content and in price! It made it easier to focus on the lessons and Lisa had some great ideas for those multi-pockted page protectors!
By mariangeles_spain on 08/31/12 at 04:26 AM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
Love the album, love the videos, love everything!! Tons of great tips to make gorgeous albums :)
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