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Scrapbooking Family Vacations Workshop with Nancy Damiano by Two Peas


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Scrapbooking Family Vacations Workshop with Nancy Damiano
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Relive the magical memories you’ve shared with loved ones as Garden Girl Nancy Damiano takes you on a creative journey documenting your family vacations. From America’s favorite theme parks, cruises, road trips to day trips – we’ve got you covered! (Note: This workshop covers domestic travel only – we’ll tackle Europe & the world in a future workshop.)

So whether you’re still in the planning stages of this year’s vacation or sitting on stacks of old photos, Nancy’s got a plan for you! Join her as she guides you through a step-by-step process to divide, conquer and scrapbook those vacation photos.

Included in the workshop are 50 brand-new scrapbook pages showcasing a variety of family destinations, helpful, printable PDF's and 5 brand new videos to walk you through the ins and outs of organizing and scrapbooking your vacation. Each video covers Nancy's approach to tackling vacation layouts, her perspective on using design on your pages and the creation of a layout from start to finish.

The lessons include:

Chapter 1: Planning & Organizing

Chapter 2: Put Your Mouse Ears On

Chapter 3: Day Trips & Tourist Destinations

Chapter 4: Beachside

Chapter 5: Round-Ups & Memorabilia

Nancy’s eye for detail and design, paired with her passion for travel and knack for teaching make this a workshop you do not want to miss!

The content of this workshop will be available immediately upon purchase. The lessons are available for you to work at your own pace and upon purchase can be accessed in the "Workshops" section under "Classes & Events." A private message board forum is also available to ask questions for Nancy and to connect with other participants. Enjoy!
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
Not just for US travel...
By ncgibbons on 03/16/13 at 12:25 PM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
I dithered over purchasing this class because the description said it only covered US domestic travel and Europe etc would be covered in a later workshop. As a UK based pea, I didn't want to spend $$$ on a class that wouldn't cover my part of the world, but I have to say that I think that part of the description is misleading. There is definitely lots of material, ideas and techniques that work for creating travel albums wherever you're from and wherever you travel to! It's great for organisational tips on a major trip where you will be visiting lots of places or you know you will take lots of photos and I will definitely be using some of those ideas on our next holiday - and that will be in Weymouth, Dorset, England - not Stateside! LOL I love Nancy's work and her use of bright colours and clean lines. There are some great design tips for making a dent in letter sticker stash which I badly needed so am thrilled with that aspect of the workshop. Nancy's teaching style is clear and concise without missing out on crucial details like colour choices and placement of embellishment. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who travels and wants to create meaningful travel albums that tell a story.
10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
Worth every penny and more!
By Wandalicious on 09/13/12 at 11:57 PM
I have to say I put off buying this class (because I keep buying classes and then not watching the videos!) but this one was worth every penny! I devoured the videos in one sitting (and will be watching again and again) - there is so much here! The organization system alone was worth the class fee, and the layouts are adorable and filled with techniques and product that you will want to try. Understanding the difference between overviews, round ups, events, and moments has been really helpful to me and I feel energized to tackle the mountains of vacation photos that I have. I highly recommend this class for anyone that has been painfully trying to scrap weekend getaways, road trips, and family vacations with 1000's of photos. This class will save you!
2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
Scrapbooking Family Vacations
By Momma_Paparazzi on 08/03/12 at 10:48 AM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
I am a huge fan of Nancy's. Have been for awhile. I love her workshop. She has some great tips and ideas for organizing and putting together your vacation photos in a book. I have three big family vacations that we have taken in the last 5 years. She has given me some great ideas for getting those in order and together. I love that I can go back and rewatch her videos.
Just brilliant
By gabmc on 02/28/14 at 08:48 PM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
This course is amazing. So many great ideas from planning a holiday (vacation) to actually scrapbooking it. Highly, highly recommend it. Plus I love listening to Nancy's voice as she explains what she's talking about. And she has some really great guest designers too.
Worth every cent
By Michelle Mostert on 09/01/13 at 12:32 PM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
I am really impressed with the scope of this workshop. Nancy talks you through the planning right through to completing your vacation album. It doesn't only apply to vacations in the USA but can be adapted to any trip - big or small.
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