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Step Up Your Scrapbooking Workshop with Lynn Ghahary by Two Peas


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Step Up Your Scrapbooking Workshop with Lynn Ghahary
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Have you ever finished a scrapbook page only to feel that you were missing that “something special”? Perhaps you are new to scrapbooking and looking for ways to take your layouts to the next level. Or you might be an experienced scrapbooker who is feeling the loss of your scrappy mojo, and looking for ways to increase the creative appeal of your pages. Well then this is the workshop for you!

You’ll find this class packed with surefire ways to take your layouts to the next level with a toolkit full of tried and true designer tips and tricks. The techniques outlined in each lesson are straightforward and easy to follow, but really pack a big punch in the design department. You’ll find your layouts have gone from “good” to “great” just by following a few of the design guidelines covered in this class.

Each lesson will focus on one of five main design categories: backgrounds, photos, titles, journaling, and embellishments. With 10 lessons per chapter that’s 50 designer tips & tricks to refer back to when you’re faced with your next “what’s missing?” dilemma. A brand new, never before seen page example by Lynn (as well as some other special guest designers) accompanies each lesson to help get you started. Additionally, an informative PDF and instructional video is provided for each chapter. Each video not only reviews the lessons included in the chapter, but also features the start to finish process of one of the chapter layouts as well.

Whether you’re an experienced scrapbooker or new to the hobby, this workshop has something for everyone. So grab your scissors, paper, and glue and let’s step up your scrapbooking!

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