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Art Class Workshop with Wilna Furstenberg by Two Peas


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Art Class Workshop with Wilna Furstenberg
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Join Garden Girl Wilna Furstenberg on an exciting journey in art making! If you are looking to learn simple techniques that will fill you with wonder and bring the fun back into scrapbooking, then this workshop is for you! The 10 chapters encourage you to play with stencils, Modge Podge, stitching, wax, fabric, found items, washi tape, glitter, pens, paint, masking fluid and molding paste. You’ll learn to work with these mediums as design elements, with 50 creative pages from Wilna and her contributors to reference and spark creativity. The TEN videos and 45-page PDF explain and demonstrate Wilna’s creative process and will no longer have you guessing, “How did she do that?” Silhouette users will enjoy the extra cut files Wilna has used in her pages and shared. A must-have workshop for any fan of Wilna Furstenberg’s delightful and inspiring work.

The content of this workshop will be available immediately upon purchase. The lessons are available for you to work at your own pace and upon purchase can be accessed in the "Workshops" section under "Classes & Events." A private message board forum is also available to ask questions for Wilna and to connect with other participants. Enjoy!
Ratings and Reviews
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Art Class workshop with Wilna
By Clundy on 03/16/14 at 12:23 AM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
Love this class and all of the ideas. Wilna makes everything look easy and has a calm 'you can do it' attitude!
1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Amazing class !!!
By BineB on 03/10/14 at 02:52 AM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
This class was so packed with information and inspiration. I loved it!
1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
The best
By Ellen H on 12/15/13 at 05:28 AM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
I love this class very much! Learned a lot of new things. I look forward to class 2 :)
1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
art class workshop rocks
By cjh on 11/30/13 at 06:47 PM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
this has really been the best online class I have ever done.The ideas are fun and inovative and I have learnt so much. Can't wait to save up and do art class workshop 2.
2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
wonderful class!
By Speedymamu on 11/23/13 at 04:28 PM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
This is one of the best classes! Lots of great ideas. So very glad I ordered it. I took the class mainly because Wilna's style is so very different from the way I have been doing things. I love the softness she gets into her pages and even though I don't use pastel colors very often, I think that her techniques add that softness that I have been looking for. Great class, loved every minute of it!
1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Awesome class
By Binty on 11/08/13 at 08:35 PM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
Fantastic inspiration 😊 love this class. Though Wilna's scrapbooking style is very very different from mine, but the techniques taught in this class r so versatile, that I applied them to my layouts very easily. Really great content. Would recommend this to anyone who wants to dive into easy mixed media.
1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
By stormy81 on 11/07/13 at 08:55 PM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
I loved it and I love Wilna's presentation and style very inspiring. I have purchased her next one to start watching over the weekend. I am still experimenting with the techniques and building my supplies. (must get sewing machine from mum). FYI - started Scrapping this year to fill in the nights my husband was working away. Never been arty in anyway - well I am in my head just have trouble getting out :) but I love watching all the lessons and learning how to bring my ideas to life. thanks Wilna
1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
It doesn't get any better than this:)
By Aurorasland on 10/15/13 at 12:12 PM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
I can't believe I haven't reviewed this class yet. I took it back when it came out, and was really amazed. The content for this class is really extensive, also when compared to other (great) classes here at 2peas. Art Class contains ten chapters, each dedicated to different product and techniques (stencils, modge podge, molding paste to name a few). Each chapter includes a video where Wilna shows exactly how she created the pages, 5 new ones in each chapter. Wilna's work is inspiring, her layouts are like works of art. She's also a great teacher, and her instructions and techniques can be adapted to fit any style. Ten months after first taking the class, I still return to the videos and layouts for inspiration. I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to give "minimalistic mixed media scrapbooking" (in Wilna's words) a try.
1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Art Class Workshop Review ~~ My Fav
By petrii on 09/21/13 at 08:20 AM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
I recently purchased and went through Wilna Furstenberg's Art Class. I have taken many scrapbook classes over the last 2 years, and this is by far one of my absolute favorites. The techniques she presents here are so clearly laid out and consice. She shows exactly how she did it complete with LO's. I have done several of these techniques on my own pages with wonderful results, but a different look in my own style, and I LOVE that! This class definitely gets 5 peas in my book =) and I am looking SO forward to Art Class 2! Blessings ~~ dawn
3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
She brought the fun back to Scrapping!
By JenClark74 on 09/18/13 at 03:42 AM
Two Peas Verified Purchase
I was a little hesitant to take this class, because I really haven't been in a scrapbooking mood lately and wondered if it would be worth my money. Wow am I ever glad I signed up!!! I couldn't stop watching the videos, they were just so fun and chock full of artsy goodness and great ideas. It was definitely worth the $$, and this is coming from someone who has taken a dozen mixed-media I feel totally at ease with gesso, modeling paste, inks, paint, and a palette knife! I still felt I learned a lot of scrapbook-specific ideas and techniques that I'm super happy I signed up!
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