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Advanced Photo Editing with Adobe Photoshop by Two Peas


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Advanced Photo Editing with Adobe Photoshop
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Are you ready to take your photos to the next level? This advanced photo editing class will guide you through editing your photos using advanced techniques through Adobe Photoshop and Camera Raw. Garden Girl, Two Peas Digital Designer and professional photographer Holly McCaig will demonstrate exposure corrections using curve adjustments and layer masks; portrait enhancement techniques for faces; color adjustments to images; and you'll learn how to prepare your final image with sharpening and color profiles. Participants will receive sample images used during this class to work with as well as custom Photoshop actions.

Class begins on Monday, May 4, 2009 and lasts 8 weeks. Class will be left on site indefinitely for you to reference after purchase. Upon purchase, you will have access to a private message board with instructor beginning the first day of class. Class material may be accessed from the 'Self-Paced Classes' area of the Classes & Events section of the site.

Requirements: Adobe Photoshop CS3 & higher with Adobe Camera Raw. Adobe Camera Raw plugin comes standard with Adobe Photoshop. Please check that you have this by doing the following:

Choose File/Open and locate a .jpg file. In the FORMAT type choices at the bottom of the window, choose Camera Raw and see if a new window opens with your selected .jpg file when choosing Open.

Photos do NOT need to be shot in raw format to use Camera Raw with Photoshop.

Students should understand that not all photos are fixable...properly exposed and sharp photos are always the easiest to work with.

Week 1 - Photoshop Refresher #1 Finding Your Way Around Photoshop Get the refresher you need this week! I'll take a look at the navigation of Adobe Photoshop including the menu bar, toolbox, and palettes.

Week 2 - Photoshop Refresher #2 Basic Steps to Working With Your Files & Image Modes/Color As part of our refresher to Adobe Photoshop, we'll cover the basics like Image Size and Resolution, Cropping, transforming selections and saving images. We'll talk about the different image color modes including RGB, Lab Color and more.

Week 3 - Layers, Blend Modes and Advanced Layer Options We'll take a moment to quickly go through Layers and Blending Modes, but then dive right into understanding the different advanced layer options such as Layer Masks and Adjustment Layers. These are crucial to advanced photo editing and used often many actions for Photoshop.

Week 4 - Exposure Correction Sometimes, our exposures are just off. There are some ways to work with photos to enhance the exposure. I'll demonstrate how to make adjustments to exposure using curve adjustments, digital fill flash using Layer Masks, and adjusting shadows and highlights.

Week 5 - Portrait Enhancement

Everyone wants to look their best in pictures. Imperfections are what make us who we are, but having a whiter smile and smoother skin can't hurt. I'll demonstrate how to apply techniques for whiter teeth, sparkly eyes, and skin enhancement.

Week 6 - Color Adjustments Do your photos look too yellow or too blue? Holly will discuss and demonstrate ways to make adjustments to the overall color tones for a more natural look. And, how to make the colors in your photos pop!

Week 7 - Working with Actions Actions aren't meant to be used "as is" so we'll take some time to look at how to adjust what an action does to be best for the image you're working with. Several actions will be provided for you.

Week 8 - Preparing Your Final Image When all is said and done, there are a few things to prepare your final image file. Sharpening techniques, dodging and burning and unique finishing touches to make your images look artistic. Finally, we'll talk about assigning color spaces and creating a watermarked-web version for displaying online via your blogs and websites
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