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Photo Editing Video Tutorial Class w/ Photoshop Elements by Two Peas


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Photo Editing Video Tutorial Class w/ Photoshop Elements
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Have you ever been frustrated because your photos look blurry, tilted, have a yellow cast to them or your kids have "devil red eyes" staring out at you? Wish you could fix those??? Well, take this class and in ten short weeks Sande will turn you into a Photo Editing PRO - and you'll be taking your photos from BLAH to Oooooh LA LA!!!

You'll be amazed at how EASY it is!!!

She'll show you how to:

  • Organize your photos so you can actually find what you're looking for
  • Crop and straighten
  • Use the BRIDGE that comes with Photoshop Elements
  • Use the Quick Fix features
  • Understand Resolution
  • Fix tonal and color cast issues
  • Lighten dark photos and darken light photos
  • Sharpen your photos and reduce noise
  • Fix red-eye, blemishes and soften wrinkles
  • Convert your photos to Black & White
  • Use selective coloring to have only one part of your photo in color
  • Get rid of distracting objects
  • and much more....

And the great thing is...ALL the lesson's are VIDEO TUTORIALS!!! No looking at a book for hours trying to figure out where Fig.A is!

You can watch the tutorials as many times as you want - and whenever you want! Hello 3am and pjs! Once you're signed up for the class - you'll have access to them INDEFINITELY! So, if you need to miss a week or even two - NO BIG DEAL! Just watch them on your own schedule - it's kind of like TIVO!

You will also be able to download a PDF for each class with Tips and Tricks for that week's lesson.

So SIGN UP NOW - and you'll be a Photo Editing PRO before the holidays get here!

Classes begin on Wednesday, September 9th, 2009. A new video tutorial will be released every Wednesday. ***Class members are also able to chat on a private message board and share their work in the class gallery for the chance to win prizes along the way. To access the class after purchase, click on the Education tab. Your login will give you private access to the material.

**NOTE: all lessons are taught using Photoshop Elements 6.0 or higher. You can use an earlier version of Photoshop Elements but you may not have all the tools that Sande demonstrates in her videos.

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