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About me

If there is one word to describe me it would have to be tradition. That is why the art of scrapbooking and card making is so important to me. I've always been the one to document the "happenings" in our family. When our LSS was going to close in our small town, I talked my husband and best friend into purchasing it, just so the community could continue to have "the place" to go and have a good time, while preserving memories while you were there. After Hurricane Katrina it gave people a safe and much needed place to "get-away". It was something the big chain stores could not provide. And for's way better to receive something that a person put their time and individual touch to, rather than picking one out from a bunch in store selection. To me, when I see their name on the back, it lets me know they truly cared. For me, being able to share and help others is who I am.
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