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Mom to two delicious boys, Robert (12) and Adam (7).
Wife to Bill. He is kind, funny as hell, and encourages me to put my creativity out there! He is a total RULE-BREAKER and helps me not give a darn about what is "proper" or "correct." I started my own business about a year ago ( custom scrapbooks for people who don't have any time or interest (eek,I know they actually do exist!) to create their own books, but want to preserve their memories. I get complete satisfaction in seeing a customer look through a newly created scrapbook and get teary eyed.
We have three mini pinscher dogs that we have rescued. I hope to scrap thier unique and very colorfulp ersonalities and histories sometime, but for now my greatest inspiration comes from my kids. I am just so inspired by a good photograph! I see stories bursting from behind the pixels and I feel a need to scrap those stories! I have NEVER posted anything before anywhere and am looking forward (though a bit nervous) to posting some of my layouts. I have gone digital in the past year and am becoming more and more comfortable with Adobe every day! My layouts are mostly about the photo, and about the story behind them. I am also completely inspired by quotes! I have been collecting quotes since I was in elementary school and have many blank books filled with them! When I find the perfect quote to match a photo - now that is alittle slice of heaven! I am looking forward to meeting some friends here! I don't have a lot of scrapping friends here in CT! Hope to hear from you soon!
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