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Member Since November 2004, 6,257 forum posts, 142 public projects

Location: wherever i wanna be, GOSH!

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PeaBoard Title: going to be a good day

About me

i gotta be like my sisser...
gotta be like the *e*...
cuz i'm the middle child....
and we're just like that...

so-- how about some *happy little things I love*.....
{yeah, they're pretty much the same as *e*'s}
the LOOP's veggie sandwich (YUM), pumpkin spice lattes,
fuzzy sweatshirts, flip flops with jeans,
bookstores and libraries, polkie dots, and ribbons,
the beach and all our beachie traditions,
i'd say my maxxy but i let him get fat and now he's not so little,
trips to target boutique, unexpected happy emails,
IM sessions with friends, mail love when you NEED it,
chapstick, sonic limeades, napoleon,
old photographs, veronica songs,
and the list could go on and on....
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