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Location: The Netherlands

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About me

I'm a Dutchy, living in the northwestern part of NL together with Erik (my dear husband), Wouter (Feb '95) and Ivo (July '97). Since I sold my practice for speech therapy I discovered scrapbooking and got more and more interested in design. So I went back to school and since October 2010 I may officially call myself graphic designer. For clients I work mostly with InDesign. I took both AoDD classes @ Jessica Sprague to learn more about Photoshop and Illustrator design. This will resulted in Monique Helfrich Design. Next to my work as graphic designer I create digital scrapbooking supplies and I would love to share my creations with others. Still I am not confident enough to submit to a shop...

Over the years my style has changed, but varies on the subject or mood I'm in. Clean and simple, freestyle and sometimes even mixed media. No preferences! Mainly my designs are colorful with a cheerful touch.

I love the subculture of this great hobby; chatting on a message board, participating inspiring workshops, sharing ideas and learning from others who also are in love with this great hobby! Not only my life but also my view at life changed by scrapbooking

Monique Helfrich Design
My Duch personal blog: Letters
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