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Slower Joe

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About me

I am 37 and have learned a lot, but I apparently still have a lot to learn. Enjoying the heck out of single life while keeping one eye open for the future Mrs. Simmons.

Since I get asked how I ended up on this board a LOT, here is a copy and paste of my answer:

Back in February of 2006 I posted a humor essay on my blog basically blaming all chain e-mails on women. Well, a pea who had been frequenting my blog decided to play a practical joke on me by using "the power of the peas" to flood my comment box with funny stories about how my column worked miracles or how they know guys that do it, etc. It was very funny.

Anyway, my sitemeter tells me the referring websites that link to me, so it was easy to spot the deluge of hits coming from this message board. I registered with the idea of just letting them know they were BUSTED.

But, as I was posting, I started making a lot of friends, started flirting incessantly, and most importantly, met a lot of people who seem to understand my often warped sense of humor. So I've been member ever since.

Unfortunately, the original thread has been ruined because all my posts were deleted. That is another entirely different story. But here is the thread anyway:
Blogging prank.... -- UPDATE - Now he's a PEA!!!!

Whew! I'm glad I don't have to type that again. From now on, I'll just say: go to my profile!!
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