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Member Badges

My 8th Pea Anniversary
First earned March 2014
This badge is earned by being awesome. Oh, and being here for more than 8 years. :D

Two Peas Exclusive!
First earned August 2013
Earn this badge by buying any of our exclusive products! Thanks!

iPhoned Home
First earned October 2012
This badge is for peas that went mobile. :D

Count: 1
CHA Summer '12 Ready!
First earned July 2012
This badge is earned by being one of the very first Peas to our online social. Welcome to the party!

Count: 1
CHA Gallery Artist
First earned July 2012
Earned by uploading to the gallery during our CHA social! You keep this an inspiring place.

Two Peas Story
First earned March 2009
This badge is earned by participating in the Tell Us Your Two Peas Story contest. This includes posting a story involving you and your involvement in the Two Peas community on your Two Peas blog using the new Two Peas Story post type.

Two Peas 10th Birthday Crop
First earned January 2009
This badge is earned when you purchase advance admission to the Two Peas Birthday Crop on February 28th, 2009!

Count: 3
Pea Politics 2008
First earned November 2008
This badge is earned by participating in any of the conversations on the Pea Politics message board. No matter what your party, we're all green on the inside.
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