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Member Since May 2006, 696 forum posts, 7 public projects

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About me

I am a recurring 39yr old married mom of 2. Son, 21 & Daughter, 13. I also have a toypoodle who is my baby,( @ least he thinks he is since he is barely 4lbs) & 2 kitties that we rescued. I love Peyton Manning #18 is my guy! Sad he left the Colts so I guess I have to cheer for the SF 49ers! I love the color Purple, but Pink & Brown or/black are my scrap-areas colors. Gotta love Pink! I love Owls. Anything having to do w/Owls. I am a scrapbook/papercrafting supplies addict/hoarder! I love my family, we live 20 mins south of San Francisco so we enjoy going to the city for outings, and also going to the beach. Janet Evanovich is my favorite author, who doesnt wish she could be Stephanie Plum? I live for laughing and being a smart a** & that there is something special about every single person in the world. Some r just soooo nutz u don't get to see it that often!
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