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I'm a Florida native and have been married to my best friend since 1995. Although we have no children of our own, we love to spend time with our darling nephews and nieces. In some form or another, I've been scrapbooking all my life - collecting memories and photos, telling stories, and stashing snippets in books, journals, boxes and drawers. My true love affair with scrapbooking, however, began in 1992 when I was introduced to Creative Memories. My favorite things to scrap are our travels throughout the US, Canada, and Europe and special family occasions. Professionally, I hold a B.A. in education and an US History. I've been a banker, a teacher, an instructional designer and a museum technician, but all that changed with the loss of my dear Mom to breast cancer in 2011. Since then, I have decided to unleash my inner creativity and let my passions be my guide. I'm not sure where it will take me, but so far I'm enjoying the ride!
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