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Abuela Maria

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About me

I have 1 son of whom I am extremely proud. I have lived almost all my life in Florida and my son was born here. He is an exMarine, married with 3 kids which makes me the immensely happy grandmother of 3 wonderful children. Two girls and 1 boy ages 10, 13 and 14. I miss my little babies now that 2 of them are teenagers, but they are lots of fun now too.
I love scrapbooking them. Holidays, birthdays, you name it. You can tell they are my life. The boy now keeps hiding from my camara.
My hobbies are shopping (specially for scrapbooking stuff), crops, reading, looking for bargains (I make sudden stops at garage sales), the Internet, visits to the library, and looking for sales in their book shop.
My PASSION is scrapbooking, I am a scrapaholic. Oh, did I forget to say I am also addicted to 2Peas?
Well I guess you all have enough to go on now.
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