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Member Badges

iPhoned Home
First earned November 2013
This badge is for peas that went mobile. :D

My 7th Pea Anniversary
First earned July 2013
This badge is earned by being awesome. Oh, and being here for more than 7 years. :D

Count: 1
CHA Summer '12 Ready!
First earned July 2012
This badge is earned by being one of the very first Peas to our online social. Welcome to the party!

Count: 3
CHA Gallery Artist
First earned July 2012
Earned by uploading to the gallery during our CHA social! You keep this an inspiring place.

Count: 1
Featured Pea 2011
First earned January 2012
This badge was earned by Peas whose projects were selected to be featured in our member gallery. Lucky them!

Count: 1
30 Days of Stamping & Cardmaking '11
First earned April 2011
This badge is earned when participating in the 30 Days of Stamping & Cardmaking Event lessons and challenges.
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