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Member Since February 2000, 16,711 forum posts, 5 public projects

Location: the left side of the right coast

PeaNut Number: 3009

PeaBoard Title: Who has my six? Anyone??

About me

Always in need of a nap.
Never too tired to go watch the sunset @ the beach.

Lover of 60's & 70's music,
finding out what's on my kids' minds,
creating and/or organizing (when I have the tools, time & space),
chatting with my BF, whose initials happen to be "BF",
surfing the 'net for knowledge, info & trivial minutae,
watching Top Chef UNINTERRUPTED *sigh*.

Ask me anything about Down Syndrome.

Call me anything but don't call me late for dinner because I love to eat!
But I hate to exercise.
NOT a good combination.

* *I could give up chocolate, but I'm no quitter.* *

'Just found this quote. 'Like it. Esp. in view of 9/11:

" I believe that forgiving them (terrorists) is God's function. OUR job is to arrange the meeting."
- - General Norman Schwartzkopf
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